Cloth & Soft Storage

Cloth and soft storage options from trusted brands such as Honey Can Do, Seville, and Household Essentials make organizing your home or office a breeze. Find options that maximize small spaces and provide unique storage options, from revolving tie racks to personalized closet organizer systems.

Versatile Storage Options by Trusted Brands

Folding canvas cubes provide quick and easy storage for toys, clothing, and other small things, while classic, commercial-grade products offer storage solutions for larger items like craft supplies and books. Deck your space out in versatile storage options such as boot trees, canvas under-bed storage compartments, and sturdy fabric bins. Offered in a variety of textures and colors, there is a versatile storage option to match any home or office decor.

Closet Organizers

Tame unruly closet clutter with eco-friendly, stackable, or revolving organizers in soft cloth or more permanent options. Soft cloth hanging shoe racks provide quick and neat access to your favorite pair of shoes, while permanent shelving systems organize everything from ties to folded garments. Essential for cramped college dorms, apartments, or homes with limited storage space, closet organizers are designed to maximize small spaces.

Hanging Storage and Space Savers

Easily store your garments and shoes with hanging storage organizers. Display as many as 36 pairs of shoes with an elegant and convenient overdoor shoe rack made in the USA, or zip up your most valued attire in heavy fabric wardrobes that double as convenient suitcases. Save even more space with vacuum-powered storage systems that offer airtight and waterproof protection for last season's garments, camping gear, or precious heirlooms.

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