Carafes, Kettles, and Decanters

Carafes and decanters offer beverage lovers a convenient way to prepare or serve their favorite drinks. These products include basic pots designed for use with coffee makers, electric teapots, insulated thermoses and much more. They come in many sizes, from 32-ounce electric kettles that are ideal for a dorm room to 100-cup percolators that can prepare and serve coffee to an entire conference room full of guests. Staples carries beverage service products for home or business use from manufacturers such as Brentwood, Cuisinox, and Chantal.

Flexible Beverage Preparation
Many airpots and carafes are more than simple containers. They have built-in heating elements that let users prepare drinks anywhere there's an available wall plug. Use one of these products to make a late-night cup of tea in the office, or take one on a road trip to brew fresh coffee in your hotel room in the morning. Electric kettles boil water for tea, coffee or instant cocoa in just a few minutes, and most have automatic shut-offs that reduce energy consumption, making them an efficient and safe beverage preparation option. Stovetop kettles, including the traditional whistling tea kettle, are an ideal choice for the kitchen. They can heat water for hot drinks or cooking.

Percolators and insulated thermoses are an excellent way for businesses to provide coffee or other hot beverages to staff and visitors. These products keep their contents warm through the longest presentation or meeting and have built-in dispensers that offer self-serve convenience.

Carafes, Kettles, and Decanters for Cold Beverages
Cold drinks are a summertime favorite, and pitchers and carafes make it easy to prepare and serve these beverages. Iced tea makers take the guesswork out of making a perfect glass of this delicious drink. They make tea from either bags or loose leaves and have controls that let users select the brew strength they prefer. Some products will even add sweetener during the brewing process. Once the iced tea is brewed, keep it cold in a glass jug with a built-in dispenser that offers a spill-proof serving option.

Infusers are an excellent way to prepare flavored still or sparkling water, lemonade or powdered beverage mixes. They have a built-in container that lets liquid circulate through the infusing material while it keeps the pouring spout clear.

Decorative Service Options
Many coffee pots and carafes have finishes that enhance the appearance of any room. Use classic stainless steel, black or white to match kitchen appliances or select a bright enameled kettle to add a splash of color to the stove top. Teapots with decorative patterns or cast iron finishes complement dining room tableware, adding a touch of elegance to any dinner party. Durable plastic carafes and pitchers are ideal for picnics or everyday use in commercial settings such as restaurants.

Beverage carafes and containers combine preparation and service options for a variety of hot and cold drinks. Electric pots let users prepare hot drinks almost anywhere, and infusers make it simple to create flavored cold beverages for picnics or outdoor events. Shop the many carafes, teapots and coffee pots available at Staples and simplify drink preparation at home or in the office.