Sugar & Sweeteners

A staple in a majority of households, cafes and break rooms, sugar and other sweeteners can liven up a cup of coffee or tea. You can buy sugar and sweeteners in several variations from brands like Sweet'N Low, Splenda, Truvia, Equal and In The Raw, sweeteners are just as easy to find and many taste great while aligning with a healthy lifestyle. Staples carries many popular sweeteners, as well as condiment bowls and organizers that neatly store and dispense all of the essential supplies, whether at home or in a busy workplace.

Natural and Artificial Sweeteners to Suit all Tastes
To accommodate every sweetening need, buy sugar along with other natural sweeteners and artificial substitutes. A dash of pure clover honey can make a cup of tea especially decadent. Some consumers may prefer a low-calorie sweetener to promote a healthier lifestyle while those with health restrictions find it a necessity to avoid pure sugar altogether. Diabetics can confidently opt for zero-calorie sucralose that comes in yellow packets, aspartame that is sold in blue packaging, saccharin which is found in pink packets and stevia leaf sweeteners that are often marketed in green packets. Additionally, these diabetic-safe sweeteners are gluten-free and most are certified kosher. Another natural and delicious option is unrefined Turbinado sugar, which is made from cane grown in the tropics. Keep a bit of each type of sweetener and a selection of flavored creamers on hand so employees and guests can optimize beverages to their liking.

Buy Sugar That's Perfectly Portioned Every Time
When it comes to stocking up the break room or home with K-cups and coffee supplies, there are several types of pre-packaged options. Natural sweeteners may come in single-serve packets or in handy canisters for easy pouring into a cup or bowl. Low or no-calorie substitutes come in standard rectangular packets or in sleek ecoStick packets that use 60 percent less paper than regular packaging and are GMO-free. Sweetener packets are sold in quantities ranging from 100 per box to 2000 per carton so businesses large and small can stock up and save accordingly.

Bowls and Caddies Serve with Style
Display and dispense sweeteners in a stylish bowl or organizer. Packets are easily organized in colorful caddies manufactured by Fiesta and are convenient and economical for use in restaurants and cafeterias. Multiple sweetener types can be arranged together on a table, counter or desk for convenient lunch break access. All-in-one organizers store sweeteners, creamers, cups and coffee accessories in one central location. A stainless steel or ceramic bowl can add a touch of elegance to a kitchen or upscale work environment. Many feature hand-painted details in attractive designs and patterns. Most sugar bowls come with lids, ensuring that the contents are safely covered while adding a bit of artistic flair. For formal occasions where tea and coffee is being served, a combination sugar and creamer set beautifully serves up beverage-enhancing ingredients.

Turn to Staples for everything that's needed to make an excellent cup of coffee or tea even more satisfying, including creamer.