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College Backpacks

Backpacks for college students from brands such as High Sierra, Reebok, and Airbac store your laptop, notebooks, books, and other supplies in an easy-to-carry bag. Each backpack comes with a convenient pick-up handle. Choose a classic or contemporary design that complements your personal style.

Built Strong
Backpacks for college students are built strong enough to carry all your necessary books, electronics, folders, and writing instruments. The soft, padded exterior materials allow you to experience maximum comfort while carrying your gear and also protect your stuff from damage if you accidentally drop the backpack on the floor or ground.

Dedicated Laptop Compartment 
Each backpack's dedicated laptop compartment keeps the sharp, spiral edges of your notebooks from scratching your laptop. The internal laptop strap keeps it in place and allows you to walk briskly to your next class without worrying about your delicate electronic device slipping out of its holder or rubbing alongside book edges, supplies, or gadgets that could potentially damage the unit.

Zippered Accessory Pockets
Never waste time digging around for a pen or pencil again. These backpacks for college students come outfitted with zippered accessory pockets to keep all your writing utensils together in a secure compartment. Place your calculator, miniature stapler, erasers, and other small accessories in the pocket to assure yourself of their location at all times also. 

Adjustable Flaps
Each of these backpacks for college students are designed with adjustable flaps. This convenient feature allows you to shift the weight of your gear as necessary to avoid experiencing back strain when you carry additional books or supplies to class.

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