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College School Supplies

College school supplies like index cards, notebooks, desk accessories and writing instruments are ideal for freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors. These supplies are perfect for packing up and taking to class, or using at home. 

Success with Supplies
When you use school supplies from Staples, you have what you need to succeed in class. Take notes, mark important sections in notebooks, highlight things you want to remember, and more with all of the supplies you need for college. Being prepared for class (and at home) is essential to succeeding.

Easy to Carry
From pencils to white index cards to staplers, college school supplies are easy to carry and maintain throughout the school year. Markers like Sharpies or other brands can be used to take permanent notes in class, or use them for art during creative classes. All of our supplies are easily carried in a pocket or packed away neatly in a backpack. From mechanical pencils to note cards, Staples has what you need for class. 

Stylish and Comfortable
College school supplies don't have to be boring. Stock up on stylish supplies for college from Poppin, colorful notebooks, writing tools, sticky notes and paper clips. Staying organized and well stocked can make classes easier and homework a cinch.

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