Colored Paper
Colored paper delivers vibrant displays that easily catch the eyes of passersby. Use the versatile pages to create signs for your office or print important memos and notices for display. Modern colored paper works with many different printers and copy devices.

Eye-Catching Announcements
Colored paper stands out well when placed near other posted announcements. Use red or yellow paper to indicate exceptionally important meetings or compliance information. This can help ensure that visitors and coworkers read and understand the posted information more easily.

Printed Materials
Easily print charts and text on colored paper to create striking presentations that resonate with potential customers and clients. High-quality paper keeps its printed information for quite some time, allowing you to keep the same colored pages with you as you travel between conferences and events. For additional high-quality printing options, check out the wide selection of available copy and multipurpose paper.

Simple Organization
Colored paper allows you to organize information and share it. Print or write important information on sheets of similarly colored paper to make it easy to tell where needed data lies at a glance. Use different colors in the same binder or policy manual to help keep the sections distinct and separate, or organize customer or patient information with ease.

Eco-friendly Options
Many colored paper options are made of recycled paper, giving you an eco-friendly way to print important memos and create vibrant displays. Post-consumer recycled content ensures that fewer trees are needed for the paper-making process. This makes recycled color paper an excellent choice for use in more eco-minded organizations or those looking to reduce their overall environmental footprint.
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