Colored Pencils

Whether you’re annotating a document, looking for school supplies, or drafting building plans, colored pencils are must-have tools. Their concentrated pigment and fine points make them convenient for all sorts of projects. Use Staples® arts and crafts supplies to explore different school-grade and professional coloring pencils for home, school, and the office.

Enjoy Brilliant Colors Throughout the School Year With Colored Pencils
Coloring pencils are a mandatory part of school lists for many grade levels. Their narrow barrel and fine points make them optimal for children working on fine motor skills. These features also allow students to focus on more detailed work, which is essential in higher elementary grades, middle schools, and high schools. They create brilliant colors, and their wood barrels make these drawing pencils last through months of daily use.

Colored Pencils Are Ideal for Coloring Books
Adult coloring books are the ideal way to relax and express creativity. Coloring pencils offer several benefits over other coloring mediums. They do not bleed through paper like markers may, and they offer much more precise control than crayons do. Additionally, the implements come in hundreds of different colors, permitting coloring aficionados to choose the perfect shade for every part of a picture.

Compare Color Options in Colored Pencils Packages
Since graphite pencils come in a wide variety of package sizes, color options vary across the board. Packages that include 12 pencils include the main shades found on the color wheel, as well as white, black, and gray. Larger packages veer into lighter, darker, and bolder tones. Some packages are themed, a feature that simplifies the process of building up a color pencil collection. Themed packages can concentrate on skin tones, bold colors, or shades of a specific color.

What Features Are Available With Colored Pencils?
Markings that are erasable are optimal for students and those who want the freedom to hit the undo button on their work. Some brands produce extra-thin coloring pencils. They offer even more precise control, making them perfect for professional artists. With watercolor pencils, artists enjoy the effect of watercolor painting with the control and attention to detail of watercolor pencils. Many schools prefer twist-up versions, which reduce the risk of breakage and keep the point of each pencil sharp.

Are There Bulk Ordering Options for Colored Pencils?
With large color pencil packages, it’s easy to stock up once and get through a school year. Bulk packages include 20 pencils in each color, letting users replace each individual color as it runs out. Several brands are part of the Staples Auto Restock program, which lets professionals get colored pencil deliveries on a set schedule.

What Benefits Do Colored Pencils Offer?
Artists, professionals, and students enjoy the versatility offered by coloring pencils. Achieve various shades by applying different amounts of pressure. This effect is difficult to duplicate with other art mediums. These tools are easy to transport and create minimal mess, so they’re perfect for on-the-go use. The combination of pigment and water lets each watercolor pencil lay down smooth, even color.

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