Compress Holders

Compress holders let you quickly and easily soothe your own injuries and the injuries of your patients. Suitable for use with both hot and cold packs, compress holders keep that pack firmly on the injury to reduce pain and inflammation. Use the holders on nearly any part of the body.

For All Patients
Use compress holders with patients of all ages. The holders are easy enough that even children and those with arthritis or limited mobility can use one. A compress holder goes on quickly and comes off just as fast.

Stores Hot or Cold Pads
Use the standard size pouch on the holder to store a hot pad or a cold pad from most major manufacturers. The pouch keeps the pad safely and securely on the injury, but it also keeps the pad from coming into direct contact with the skin to keep patients from feeling too hot or too cold.

Heals Injuries Faster
With a simple design, a compress holder may help patients recover faster and feel more comfortable while going through the recovery process. Use one of these holders with heat and/or ice and pillows and elevators that elevate the injured body part to increase blood flow and reduce swelling.

Simple Closure
Putting on and taking off a compress holder is easy thanks to its hook and loop closure. Place the hot or cold pack inside the pouch, wrap the compress around the injury, and push the end of the bandage together. The hook and loop closure keeps the holder in place until the patient takes it off.