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Keep between-meal cravings in check with cookies and sweets and other delicious treats. Everyone can stay energized, happy and productive when there's a variety of snack foods on hand in a busy home or office. Staples carries a generous selection of products from popular brands like Keebler, Nabisco, Pepperidge Farm and Kellogg's.

Cookies and Sweets for Every Taste
Those looking for a quick fix before lunch or after dinner can enjoy a range of flavorful treats like fruit and nut bars, rich dark chocolate squares, iced oatmeal cookies and buttery shortbread. Crispy rice bars and giant chocolate chip cookies are always a hit with kids, while adults may prefer to sip a cup of tea while enjoying biscotti or a hazelnut wafer. Fans of sandwich-style cookies appreciate peanut butter, vanilla creme and lemon-flavored options that pair well with an afternoon cup of coffee. Animal crackers are a popular choice among toddlers and are often enjoyed by grown-ups as well. Several diet-friendly thin crisp snacks contain 100 calories or less per pack. With plenty of nibble-worthy choices to pick from, everyone can look forward to snack time.

Fruit Snacks and Pudding Cups Make Lunches Fun
Parents and kids both appreciate a well-packed lunch with favorites like gummy fruit snacks and pudding cups. Many are naturally-flavored plus low in fat, sugar and calories compared to cupcakes, candy bars and other sugary dessert items, making them a healthier food choice for active children. Yogurt-flavored fruit bars are another delicious option that packs in antioxidants and fiber without any artificial colors or flavors. Families can keep a plentiful supply around for always-ready snacking at home, in the park or during a movie marathon with friends by opting to purchase bulk packs.

Variety Packs and Gift Assortments Offer Several Delicious Choices
For the widest selection of office snacks, businesses can stock variety packs that offer many flavors of cookies, candies, crackers and gourmet food items everyone loves. Ideal for long meetings and training sessions, anyone can grab a package or two of mini sandwich cookies, brownie bites and snack-sized candy bars, keeping attendees engaged and alert for hours. An excellent way to celebrate a big event or company-wide promotion, gift assortments are loaded with tins of flavored popcorn, pretzels, dried fruit slices and candy that can win over adults and kids alike. Gift shops, coffee stands and sports teams can break up variety packs of goodies to sell individually in vending machines or as fund-raising items.

Allergen-Friendly Office Snacks
Ensure safe office-wide snacking with cookies and sweets that can be consumed by everyone, including those with food allergies. Most fruit snacks are gluten-free and peanut-free, and some biscuit and snack brands manufacture allergen-free products that are produced on dedicated equipment so snackers can dig in without the concern of potentially harmful ingredient exposure. Many chocolate bars are not only free of gluten, soy or nuts; they are also organic, non-GMO, fair trade certified and certified kosher so the widest range of people can indulge in the decadent flavor.

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