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Supervisors and project managers use dry erase bulletin boards to communicate ideas and updates to the whole team, both during and between meetings. The design of these boards varies with their intended purpose, but they commonly feature a smooth, impermeable white surface that holds ink from special pens. This ink can be erased and reinscribed many times without leaving marks, making the boards ideal for works-in-progress and brainstorming sessions.

Magnetic Versus Melamine Dry Erase Bulletin Boards
The first major decision about which dry erase board to buy depends on its planned use and intended service life. Boards broadly fall into two categories: magnetic and melamine. Magnetic boards usually have a thin porcelain surface laid over a strong steel back plate, which is what makes them magnetic. These boards are built to last; the china surface allows complete erasure of ink and the hard backing helps resist warping and splitting. Some magnetic boards come with 50-year warranties, which makes them attractive investments for long-term use.

Melamine boards tend to be lighter and cheaper than the magnetic ones. Often intended for desk or handheld use, they are typically made from cork or another light wooden backing under a thin melamine sheet. Like porcelain, the melamine can be inscribed and erased multiple times, but it does have a tendency to discolor with extensive use.

Fixed and Mobile Dry Erase Bulletin Boards
Fixed dry erase boards attach to walls and partitions with pins or teeth on a wooden frame around the writing surface. When hung in break rooms, they're an easy tool for letting employees know about policy and schedule changes. Mobile dry erase boards may be small enough to carry by hand for quick note-taking or large and mounted on sturdy rolling frames; making them the perfect addition to any school supplies list. These allow the board to roll from one meeting room to another, or to be flipped over to expose the unmarked reverse side when the front is full.

Dry Erase Bulletin Board Accessories
Most rolling boards, and many fixed ones have a small tray or other attachment for keeping accessories together. Dry erase pens, in various colors, and handheld erasers are common accessories for melamine boards. Magnetic boards may have small magnets for pinning paper notes to the surface, as well as a hook or loop for keeping window cleaner and tissues nearby for thorough cleaning.

Why Do Some Dry Erase Bulletin Boards Have Frames?
Dry erase cork boards are made for writing on, and most aren't able to bear their own weight. With a wood or plastic frame, it's possible to hang them almost anywhere without damage. Frames are also useful for attaching sticky notes.

What Care Do Dry Erase Bulletin Boards Need?
Apart from wiping them clean after each use, these boards need very little care. If ink residue starts to discolor the writing surface, consider using window cleaner or warm soapy water to brighten it up again.

How Big Are Dry Erase Bulletin Boards?
Dry erase bulletin boards range from around 6 x 7 inches to 36 x 24 inches and larger in size. Small boards are typically used by individuals, such as for personal to-do lists, while the bigger boards make good accessories for large meeting halls. Staples carries a wide selection of office supplies, including numerous erase boards that help keep businesses moving forward. 

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