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Dry-Erase Cork Boards

Jotting down notes and keeping track of special events is a common practice for both work and home. Dry-erase cork boards provide the benefits of reusable boards with the facility to hang pictures, note cards, or memos in one location. These dry-erase boards come in a variety of sizes and orientations, and they can be purchased by the piece or in bulk depending on where and how they will be used.

Using Dry-Erase Cork Boards for Multiple Home and Office Tasks
Small whiteboard combos are easy to hang in personal offices and dorm rooms for reminders of appointments or assignments. In a child's bedroom, they also serve as a place to hang artwork and to practice handwriting. Boards that measure 2 feet in width or larger are ideal when hung in a company break room for affixing company pictures or posting changes in company policy.

Use bulletin boards and cork board combos in an office training room or conference room so teams can brainstorm and jot down notes during meetings. They also provide a universal place for individuals within an office to post requested days off or to leave notes for one another.

Dry-Erase Cork Boards Are a Popular Choice
Opt for a board that has the whiteboard and cork board side by side to make it easy to read. You can also purchase a board with a larger whiteboard on top and a small piece of cork at the bottom for holding memos. Boards with bottom trays can be used to hold markers, pens, and other necessities. Handheld boards are ideal for use in classrooms.

Boards with heavy metal frames are designed to last and made for permanent installations, while boards made with cardboard backing are lightweight and easier to move. Most boards come with hooks for convenient hanging. Smaller boards and clipboards can be laid onto or propped on a desk to put them within convenient reach.

How Do You Clean Dry-Erase Cork Board Marker Stains?
Most stains come off a dry-erase board when rubbed with a damp cloth or baby wipe. For heavier ink stains, apply a small amount of isopropyl alcohol to the board and wipe it with a dry, clean cloth. Alternately, combine a cup of vinegar with a gallon of water. Soak a towel in the water and squeeze the moisture out. Rub the towel vigorously over the stained area. Be sure to dry the board completely.

Can You Use Regular Markers on Dry-Erase Cork Boards?
Use only dry-erase markers on a whiteboard to prevent staining. If you do use regular markers on a whiteboard, remove the notations with a whiteboard cleaner or try scrubbing with a scrubbing eraser.

Can You Glue Items to Dry-Erase Cork Boards?
There are several ways to glue items to the cork board side of a whiteboard combo. First, arrange the items you want to affix and try securing them with Mod Podge®. You can also glue pictures, a collage, or artwork using hot glue or a glue stick. Test a small area before applying to the board. Staples carries a variety of dry-erase cork boards as a part of our office supplies and school supplies.
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U Brands Pin-It Magnetic Dry Erase Board 20 x 16 Black Frame
Item : 1311962 / Model : 426U00-01
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  • Dry erase marker with eraser and Pin-It cork magnet are included. Pin-It cork magnet enables repositionable push pin use anywhere on the board
  • Customize your board with U Brands Gruv snap-in frame accessories (sold separately)
  • Works with all dry erase markers. Try U Brands dry erase markers for ultimate board performance
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