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Standalone Storage
Staedtler Tracing Paper, White, 50/Pack (946 811)
Item #484830
Model #946T 811
  • Tracing paper is compatible with laser and inkjet printers
  • Dimensions: 8.5"W x 11"L
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Staedtler Math Tool Set (969 BK4)Staedtler Math Tool Set (969 BK4)
Item #506633
Model #969 BK4
  • (1) 4 Piece Set
  • Includes 6" protractor with sliding pointer, 8" shatter-resistant fold-up ruler, easy-grip plastic compass with pencil and battery operated calculator with 8-digit LCD screen
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Staples 10 Drawers Durable Storage Tower, Black/Clear (116009)Staples 10 Drawers Durable Storage Tower, Black/Clear (116009)
Item #484971
Model #116009
  • Standalone provides extra storage space
  • Comes in black frame with clear drawers and made of durable polypropylene with plastic organizer top construction
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Ashley Hardcover Blank Book - Landscape, 8" x 6", White, Each (ASH10703)Ashley Hardcover Blank Book - Landscape, 8" x 6", White, Each (ASH10703)
Item #272741
Model #ASH10703
  • Hardcover blank book
  • 8" wide x 6" tall; 14 sheets/28 pages
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Deflecto® Tilt Bin™ Multipurpose Storage and Organization System
Item #SS1006667
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  • Holds a wide assortment of items
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Grid Pads, Translucent, 4 x 4 Grid, 11"x17", 50 SheetsGrid Pads, Translucent, 4 x 4 Grid, 11"x17", 50 Sheets
In store only
Item #484822
Model #937 1117P4
  • This translucent bond pad is ideal for Bond cross-section. Fade-out non-reproducible blue grids with inch lines accented to aid in scaling drawings to size. Grid is printed across entire page.
  • Color: White
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Officemate Recycled Supply Basket, 10.0625" x 6.125" x 2.375", Black, 2/Pack (OIC26202)Officemate Recycled Supply Basket, 10.0625" x 6.125" x 2.375", Black, 2/Pack (OIC26202)
Item #OIC26202
Model #26202
  • Keeps supplies, keys and cell phones handy.
  • Stacks easily for storage when not in used.
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Lineco 98500 Drop-Front Storage Boxes, 16" X 20" X 1 1/2", Black
Item #1717488
Model #98500
  • Protect your valuables the way museums do
  • Storage boxes are constructed with strong metal edges to prevent crushing
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AdirPro Plan Shield, 36 x 48 PS3648AdirPro Plan Shield, 36 x 48 PS3648
Item #2618160
Model #PS3648
  • 2 Velcro straps for easy transporting
  • Easy Readability through Full Width/Height Window
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Star Earth Friendly Portfolios 24 In. X 36 In. X 2 In. Green (G346H)
Item #2169231
Model #81718
  • Spacious 2 in. expansion
  • Steel riveted and Mylar reinforced webbed handles
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Crafting is a way of life for many artists, designers, and DIY-ers. Whether you have a dedicated space or work in a shared area, having the appropriate craft storage supplies helps keep projects organized and materials within reach. Staples carries storage solutions from top brands for the home, office, and classroom.

Consider the Amount of Crafts Storage Space You Have
Craft storage solutions come in all sizes, ranging from mini containers that hold gemstones and beads to wall units that store papers, labels and fabric. Small units fit easily on desks and tabletops, storing away in a closet or on a shelving system between uses. They're particularly beneficial to those who work with jewelry or paper crafts. Some come with dividers or drawers to separate materials by color, shape or size.

Larger units usually comprise of several compartments and offer an all-in-one solution for extreme hobbyists or small businesses. These pieces are better suited to dedicated rooms or a garage with enough workspace. Cube organizers work well for those who need extra compartments and they fit snugly against most walls. Store fabric bins or plastic containers in the slots to keep supplies separated. Use pegboards to store supplies scissors, rulers and pliers.

Keep Small Materials Contained with Craft Storage Lids
Craft storage boxes with lids help keep supplies contained, preventing spills in the event of an accidental drop. Many also stack on top of each other with a nesting design that saves space. Choose between snap-on or screw-on lids, depending on the materials you're storing. Those with latches offer an additional level of protection.

Transport Supplies with On-the-Go Storage for Crafts
If you regularly travel between locations, whether selling services or commissioning artwork, a portable solution is a necessity. Drawings and paintings fit in large canvas folders, while smaller crafts such as wedding and party invitations can fit in a 12-inch x 12-inch plastic craft storage bin or a card storage box that has a flip-out handle for easy carrying. Cake designers and jewelry makers can benefit from a toolbox-style container with multiple compartments for necessary tools.

What Type of Materials can you use Crafts Storage for?
You can use storage containers for nearly any type of craft supply from actual materials to the tools you need to complete projects. Use them for beads, clay, paper or even writing utensils. You can opt to keep supplies for similar projects together or separate them into different craft storage bins for more streamlined organization.

How do you Set Up an Effective Crafts Storage Solution?
It's important to consider the size of the materials before purchasing storage for crafts, as well as the space available for the various containers. Keep the most important supplies within easy reach, whether in an open or closed container, and those that you use sparingly on a shelf or in a cabinet to avoid clutter.

What Types of Materials are Storage for Crafts Made out of?
Shoppers can find storage containers made with several different materials. Wood and nylon offer a sturdy base while plastic and paper options are good for those who need flexibility.

Crafts Storage FAQs

Find the best deals on the right Crafts Storage at Staples. The FAQs below will help you compare the top rated and most popular Crafts Storage, with the best deals. This is the kind of information that can help you find the Crafts Storage you’re looking for at the lowest possible prices.

We carry 155 Crafts Storage in our inventory with prices starting as low as $3.62. There are many Crafts Storage options to choose from and compare, and you can read the latest reviews and ratings to find out about other customer experiences before you add that Crafts Storage to your cart. You’re busy enough so let our FAQs help you find the right product so you can get on with your day.

Which Crafts Storage have the best ratings on

Which Crafts Storage are the most affordable?

What Crafts Storage are the most popular based on customer reviews?

What are the top Crafts Storage brands available on

  • Unknown has the top rated Crafts Storage with an average rating of 4.6 stars and a $15.79 average price.
  • Crayola has the top rated Crafts Storage with an average rating of 4.5 stars and a $3.79 average price.
  • Hygloss has the top rated Crafts Storage with an average rating of 4.5 stars and a $21.14 average price.

Which Crafts Storage colors are the best according to past purchasers?

Which top rated Crafts Storage cost the least?

What are the lowest priced Crafts Storage that are also eco-friendly?