Crayons offer a variety of benefits for the classroom and teaching, including increasing gross motor strength and helping to improve fine motor skills. They aid in teaching color identification and allow both children and adults to create colorful works of art. They come in different types, sizes, and a multitude of colors for a variety of uses. Staples® carries a selection of crayons and other drawing supplies for inspiring budding and professional artists.

Reasons to Use Crayons
These coloring tools are ideal for young children because of their small size and they offer a stable grip surface for maximum control. The wax within kid's crayons is soft, which makes the color go on smooth and evenly, and depending on the way the user holds the utensil, the color goes on dark and bold or light and subtle.

Children use crayons in art class as a clean and neat way to add color to printed or hand-drawn pictures. Adults benefits from using them as a way to reduce stress. Dry erase types deliver an alternative to markers on whiteboards due to their lack of odor and they are much easier to remove over a period of time. They don't require caps and they won't dry out, which makes them last longer than markers and other mediums. They store in a closet or a small container and are ideal for use with all age groups.

Available Options for Crayons
Choose from a variety of different types, depending on the needs of the user. Jumbo crayons are thick in width and ideal for smaller hands to hold. Twistable models feature a hard plastic shell and a waxy center that twists up. Miniature designs tuck neatly into a bookbag or pouch for easy transport in a car or while traveling, and triangular-shaped coloring tools are easy for young children to maneuver and won’t roll off a desk or work surface. Choose window pastels for decorating a home, school, or business for the holidays, or opt for egg-shaped crayons as a gift in Easter baskets. There are also a variety of different colors, including bright neon for creating eye-catching posters.

Can You Clean Marks from Crayons from Walls?
These art supplies are completely washable and clean up easily from walls and other surfaces. One way is to hold a blow dryer on the stain for a few seconds and then wash with a mild solution of water and dish detergent. The heat from the dryer melts the wax to make it easy to remove. Another method is to scrub gently with a moist eraser sponge until the stain disappears.

How Do You Sharpen Crayons?
Sharpen crayons with a hand held manual pencil sharpener. Eyeliner pencil sharpeners also work well. Some large boxes come with a built-in sharpener that is ideal for keeping the tips pointed.

Are Crayons Recyclable?
Companies manufacture crayons from petroleum, an oil-based product, which is recyclable. During recycling, the colored wax gets melted down for reshaping and reuse. Recycle these art tools at home with an adult by removing all paper wrappers and placing broken and used pieces in a muffin pan. Bake at 250 degrees for approximately 15 to 20 minutes and allow to cool before removing from the pan.

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