Create Paint 1pt White Dry Erase Paint (CPW-1P)

Create Paint 1pt White Dry Erase Paint (CPW-1P)

Item #: 1979491 | Model #: CPW-1P
Create Paint 1pt White Dry Erase Paint (CPW-1P)
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Product ID: 1979491
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Create Paint is a specially formulated coating that turns any surface into a dry-erase surface. It comes in both clear and white formulations. Create Paint is safe, quick, and easy. Not all dry erase paints are created equal. Create Paint can be applied to wood, metal, concrete, and painted surfaces. Create Paint is great for applications such as walls, doors, floors. Anywhere you want to convey your thoughts and ideas. Create Paint is perfect for homes, schools, corporate and retail businesses, churches or any organization. Our specially formulated, zero voc whiteboard paint easily mixes together and is applied with a roller, brush, or sprayer. Create Paint is easy to apply. It's as simple as mix, apply, and repeat. No need to wait days to dry or having to vacate your home due to harmful fumes.

  • Common applications include Walls, Counters, Tables, Doors, anywhere you want to create a dry erase surface.
  • Covers 31.25 Square Feet
  • Common locations include Conference/Board Rooms, Meeting Rooms, Kitchens, Playrooms, Classrooms, Locker Rooms, Garage/Shop Areas, anywhere you want to create a dry erase surface.
Design your own Creative Surface
Learn to be Creative
Create Paint was designed for homeowners, businesses, and organizations to be able to make a creative surface anywhere.

Business Ideas Can Happen Anywhere
Business Meetings in the conference room are all too common. But great ideas are not always brought out in the conference room. Don't restrict idea sharing space. Make every wall a space that your employees can utilize to foster new ideas to better your company.

Let them (children) be Creative
As parents we want our children to be free to explore their creative side. Most times though we don't like to clean up the 'creative' mess. No need to worry with Create Paint. Give them a dry erase marker and let them explore. Perfect for schools and day cares too.