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Diversify your payment options with credit card terminals that integrate easily into your existing system. Whether you run a full retail empire or an individual operation, find a model that suits your payment volume. Choose from a range of connection types from brands such as PayPal and LoopPay.

Easy Integration
Adding credit card terminals to your retail operation does not have to be complicated — numerous models plug in quickly and require minimal setup. Many also work with common system configurations, including VeriFone and Microsoft Windows NT. They connect using USB, PS/2, and wedge interfaces, so you can use the readers with your computer or POS system. Alternatively, select a model with an attached printer for quick receipt creation.

For individual business owners and companies that attend remote festivals, mobile credit card readers provide excellent service in any location. Choose a model that plugs directly into your cell phone's docking port or headphone port and enjoy instant scanning connectivity. The mobile readers scan cards and work with a corresponding application to provide receipts and add tips when necessary. Invest in a new cell phone to take advantage of fast speeds and large coverage areas.

Secure Technology
Give your customers extra peace of mind with a secure reader. Choose an encrypted model to protect card numbers and PIN information during and after each transaction. For ease of use, select a terminal that automatically detects the card's encryption standards.

Compact Size
Each of these readers is compact and lightweight, so it takes up minimal space. Whether you are working at a full-sized desk or a small festival table, you can integrate the devices without a major reconfiguration.

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