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Cubicles & Panel Systems

For larger projects call our Furniture Specialists at 877-638-8001. Organize your office area with these cubicles and panel systems, which are made with an eye toward versatility. Each one is sturdy but lightweight, so you can set it up easily and move it as needed. Choose an appropriate system for your space from trusted brands such as Balt, Alert, and Basyx.

Quick Configuration
Many of these cubicles and panel systems are designed to separate an open office space into individual work areas. Use wall panels to set up individual cubicles or an entire cubicle grid. Most models can be set up in multiple configurations, giving you the freedom to create a truly custom office layout. Many panel systems are also portable to allow for quick changes and easy transportation.

Convenient Solutions
Cubicles and panel systems are a convenient solution for all types of offices. If you're just getting started, complete workstations come with everything you need to create individual work areas — just add office chairs. Alternatively, update existing work areas with privacy panels to increase personal space. If you're looking for storage solutions, wood and metal file cabinets on sale reduce work area clutter.

Portable Displays
Show off your company's best work with display panels, which can be placed in almost any open area. Attach posters or other print pieces with cubicle hanging hardware for use in the office or at trade shows. Many models have built-in casters that enable the panels to roll easily.

Convenient Accessories
Choose from a wide selection of accessories to make your cubicles and panel systems more functional. Attach papers and memos with cubicle clips that attach directly to divider walls and privacy panels. Choose coat hooks and partition hangers to add extra storage space to your work area.


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