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Cuisinart SmartPower Duet 48 Oz. Blender, Gray (BFP-703BC)
Out of Stock
Item #24468595
Model #BFP-703BC
  • Smart and versatile blender with food processor functions blends, purees, chops, mixes, and liquefies all with the push of a button
  • 48-oz. glass blender jar, removable 2-oz. measuring cap on blender jar lid
Cuisinart Velocity Ultra Trio 56 Oz. Blender/Food Processor, Gray (BFP-650GM)Cuisinart Velocity Ultra Trio 56 Oz. Blender/Food Processor, Gray (BFP-650GM)
Out of Stock
Item #24468583
Model #BFP-650GM
  • Three-in-one blender and food processor with travel cups; blender's smart power and sophisticated electronics enable you to mince delicate herbs, whip up smoothies, and even chop ice to a fine powder
  • 56-oz. blender jar, two 16-oz. travel cups
Cuisinart SmartPower 32 Oz. Blender, Gray (CPB-300P1)Cuisinart SmartPower 32 Oz. Blender, Gray (CPB-300P1)
Out of Stock
Item #24468589
Model #CPB-300P1
  • Compact portable blender to make smoothies in a flash, mince herbs, or grind up flax in the chopping cup
  • 32-oz. blender jar, 8-oz. chopping cup, and set of four 16-oz. travel cups
Cuisinart Velocity Ultra 56 Oz. Blender, Gray (SPB-650)Cuisinart Velocity Ultra 56 Oz. Blender, Gray (SPB-650)
Out of Stock
Item #24468643
Model #SPB-650
  • Sleek and powerful blender great for mixing or grinding at home
  • 56-oz. blender jar tight-seal lid with 2-oz. measuring cap
Take your cooking to the next level with one of the many Cuisinart® blenders available at Staples®. Blenders are an essential kitchen appliance that makes food preparation easier. In addition to mixing, it can also chop, puree, and liquefy foods. Some models have powerful motors and blades strong enough to crush ice and grind coffee beans. Staples has a broad range of Cuisinart blenders available as well as other kitchen accessories.

Choose From Different Types of Cuisinart Blenders
Cuisinart's blender lineup ranges from small, portable, and personal models to high-performance countertop units. Some models have specific functions. For example, its bar blender is ideal for crushing ice and making drinks. This simple unit has a heavy-duty motor and two-speed settings. It blends, purees, and liquefies effortlessly. Other models double as juicers. These usually come with two jars: a big one for liquefying fruits and vegetables as well as a smaller chopper cup for mincing herbs and spices. These blenders ship with travel cups with reusable straws for taking your prepared smoothies on the go.

Cuisinart also offers other multifunction blenders with similar capabilities for kitchen counters. Some double as food processors and include large bowls for blending solid foods. At the high end of the brand's lineup, there are tall and heavy-duty blenders with extra-large jars and very powerful motors. These can blend a wider variety of foods and have programmable controls.

Key Features to Look for When Comparing Cuisinart Blenders
The most important features to consider when comparing different blenders are capacity, speed, and power. The size of a blender's jar determines the volume of food you can mix or puree with it. Single-serve models meant for personal use have 16-ounce jars or smaller. When making food or drinks for a small group, choose a model with a jar capacity between 30 and 40 ounces. Families require bigger blenders. The number of speed settings available determines the level of control offered by a blending machine. Most of these appliances have two or three-speed settings, but there are high-end units with up to 16 distinct settings or variable speed control. Look for a blender with a pulse speed setting if you often puree delicate ingredients.

The power rating of a blender is a good measure of its performance. Entry-level models are usually 300-watt appliances. Most consumer models have power ratings between 500 and 700 watts. Cuisinart quotes motor horsepower for its high-performance commercial-grade blenders. These blender/food processor hybrids have 1 to 3.5HP heavy-duty motors.

Do Cuisinart Blenders Have Plastic or Glass Jars?
A few of the brand's blenders have glass jars but most of them include plastic ones. Cuisinart favors Tritan™, a unique plastic polymer that is durable, tough, and shatterproof. Tritan is also BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

Can You Fit Cuisinart Blenders Under Kitchen Cabinets?
Yes. The standard gap between a kitchen countertop and overhanging cabinets is 18 inches. To store a blender in this space, it should be shorter than this distance. All of Cuisinart's current blending machines are less than 18 inches tall.

What Design Features Should You Look for in Cuisinart Blenders?
Choose a unit with a stable base, a pour spout, and a tight-fitting lid that is also easy to take off. A stable base is essential because a blender vibrates rapidly when running at high speeds. A spout makes it easier to pour thick and creamy blends while a tight lid prevents splattering when the blender churns liquefied foods.