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Spectrum MAG Magnifier Filter for Monitor, 19" (5:4) (MAG19L)

Item #: 1417662 | Model #: MAG19L
Spectrum MAG Magnifier Filter for Monitor, 19" (5:4) (MAG19L)
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Product ID: 1417662
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About this product
Easily read small type and give your eyes a rest with this Kantek silver 19-inch LCD monitor magnifier filter.

Enhance legibility of small type without squinting by using this 19-inch LCD monitor magnifier filter. Featuring a high-quality Fresnel lens, this filter lets you magnify the size of small characters and makes it easy to read dense spreadsheets and fine print. This Kantek monitor magnifier filter offers easy installation and lets you find the perfect view with adjustable height and magnification settings.

  • Magnifier filter has an elegant design that enhances any monitor and is designed to fits 19" screen
  • Comes in transparent color with silver frame
  • Aspect ratio: 5:4
  • Adjustable magnification
MEASURING FOR YOUR PRIVACY SCREEN & PROTECTORS: Measure from the upper left corner diagonally down to the lower right corner. Make sure you measure the Viewable Area Only. For a proper fit, do NOT include the monitor or laptop frame or casing in your measurement. Also, note if your screen is in Standard (Ratio 4:3 +/-) or Widescreen (Ratio 16:9 +/-)format .