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Digital single lens reflex (DSLR) cameras are an excellent choice for professional and amateur photographers alike. Whether you're memorializing special moments with family or supporting your photography business, a DSLR camera will create brilliant images. What makes these cameras unique is that they have large image sensors and help the photographer maintain control over what is captured in the shot. Many DSLRs offer a range of desirable automatic features as well as the ability to change lenses and many other functions that make them powerful and effective.

Do You Need a DSLR Camera Kit Or Just The Camera?
One of the first considerations you should make when buying a camera is whether you need an entire camera kit, including a lens, or just the camera body. It might make sense to only buy the camera body if you already have a set of lenses. One of the benefits of a DSLR is the ability to use interchangeable lenses, so you can accommodate any type of shot.

A DSLR camera kit will often include a versatile lens for many applications, or may include multiple lenses for different applications. The right lens can help you achieve special shots like panoramas, long zooms and macro close-up shots. Choose from a range of zoom options, including 7.5X optical zoom all the way up to 52X optical zoom.

Consider Optimal Resolution Quality
A camera's resolution is measured by megapixels, with each megapixel being equal to one million pixels. DSLR cameras actually have larger pixels than other types of cameras, such as point-and-shoot cameras and camera phones, so these cameras have a superior ability to absorb light and color and produce a clear and accurate image. Staples offers DSLR cameras ranging from 12 megapixels to more than 24 megapixels.

Record Sharp, High-Quality Video
Video recording is ideal for capturing special moments, whether a wedding ceremony or a child's first steps. Choose a camera with advanced video recording capabilities, such as HD video recording with autofocus. This feature ensures your subject is always sharp, even while moving. Automatic adjustment features will help the camera adjust to changing scenery for optimal light and picture results.

Benefit From A Top-Quality LCD Screen and Viewfinder
A quality viewfinder is essential to help the photographer gain an accurate view of the pictures they are taking. Choose a camera with high-resolution and a magnified viewfinder. When reviewing the finished pictures, a larger LCD screen is helpful. Some models incorporate the ability to tilt the LCD monitor to multiple angles for ease of use. A touchscreen makes it simple to adjust the picture and navigate through images.

Additional Features Optimize the Finished Product
If you're looking for the best DSLR camera, consider automatic features that help you take superior photos effortlessly. Some cameras offer contrast detection and an ability to focus on moving subjects or multiple subjects. Image stabilization features accommodate for shaky hands. With a wireless connectivity option, you can quickly share images and movies to smartphones and even control the camera remotely.
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