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Dane-Elec USB Flash Drives

Whether used in the home, office or classroom, a Dane-Elec USB flash drive is a useful tool for storing and transferring files. These storage devices have a pocket-sized design allowing you to take your data with you wherever you go. Staples® carries a wide selection of USB flash drives to meet your data storage needs. They come with different capacities and features to deliver enhanced performance without taking up too much space.

The Right Flash Drive Style for Your Data Needs
Dane-Elec USB flash drives come in a range of styles including plastic or metal cases in solid colors. Some are even shaped like vehicles, cartoon characters, and food for a fun look. For companies wanting to stand apart from their competitors, one with a custom shape or a logo imprinted on the casing does the trick. For a simple, yet unique option, choose one that has a silicone or wood casing. Another choice is a flash drive tucked inside a bracelet to combine function and fashion.

Dane-Elec USB Flash Drive Features to Enhance Use
Flash drives have different features making them simple to use and to keep the information stored is easily accessible. The two most common models are ones with USB 2.0 and 3.0 connectivity. A 2.0 has transfer speeds up to 480Mbps and the 3.0 reaches speeds up to 4.8Gbps. Since older systems and devices are typically built with 2.0 connectivity, most 3.0 versions are backward compatible. Some also work with Windows systems, while others only work with Mac or Apple products. The Dane-Elec Gigastone PhotoFast iFlash drive is just one example as it works with Apple devices via a lightning connector. It offers speeds up to 90 Mbps read and 20 Mbps write. Another feature found on some types is backup support for various social media sites and online storage platforms.

A Flash Drive With Enough Space for Those Files
Since they hold files, a thumb drive should have enough storage space to meet the needs of the individual or business. The smallest has a 2GB capacity and this is ideal for smaller amounts of data. When needing a moderate amount of space, an 8GB or 16GB works well as they can hold thousands of songs, documents, and photographs. Models with 32GB or more are an excellent choice for businesses and individuals requiring significant storage space. Dane-Elec USB flash drives with this capacity are capable of holding millions of files and up to 25,000 photos.

What Security Features Do Dane-Elec USB Flash Drives Have?
Almost all Dane-Elec drives have secure file encryption to protect against unauthorized access. Some even have password or fingerprint recognition technology to prevent the data from falling into the wrong hands if the drive is lost or stolen. For added security, some automatically lock after a certain amount of failed access attempts.

How Are Flash Drive Connectors Kept Clean and Protected?
Since users often take Dane-Elec USB drives on the go, it is vital to ensure the components stay protected. Durable casings protect the internal components and on most, caps are in place to safeguard the sensitive connectors. Some even have retractable connectors to keep the internal parts safe from drops, bumps, dust, and dirt.
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Dane-Elec DA-ZMP-CA-R3-R USB 2.0 Flash Drive, 8GB
Item : IM1Y69655 / Model : DA-ZMP-08G-CA-N4-R
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  • 8GB
  • USB 2.0
  • Black
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Dane-Elec Gigastone PhotoFast iFlash Drive, 128 GB, USB 3.0, White (PF-IFMAXU3128GB-R)
Item : IM11Y1291 / Model : PF-IFMAXU3128GB-R
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  • 128GB Gigastone photofast iFlash drive
  • Comes in white color
  • USB 3.0 connectivity