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Choose a Dell™ gaming desktop for its bold styling and an impressive performance driven by powerful hardware. Dell offers most of its gaming desktop PCs under its Alienware™ sub-brand. Alongside its singular focus on PC gaming, Alienware makes computers with unique designs sporting recognizable themes like sharp angular lines, distinct bevels, and glowing logos. You can find a wide selection of these Dell gaming systems as well as gaming accessories on Staples®.

Find the Right Dell Gaming Desktop for Your Needs
Dell offers gamers desktop PCs in towers of different sizes. The right one to select depends on available desktop space and how you play PC games. The brand's gaming computer range includes small units that can sit on a home entertainment console, mid-sized towers that can be placed on computer desks, and full-sized models to show off a high-end gaming setup. All of these desktop PCs are configurable and upgradable.

They are available in different configurations with CPU options ranging from Intel® Core™ i3 to overclocked Core i7 processors. For a machine that can handle most of the PC games available, choose a model with at least a quad-core Core i5 chip. RAM size is another key feature to consider. While there are Dell gaming PCs with 4GB RAM, the minimum to look for in a high-end unit is 8GB. Alienware offers gamers desktops with up to 64GB RAM.

Enjoy Smooth Performance From a Dell Gaming Desktop With a High-End GPU
For a gaming PC, the graphics card is even more important than the processor. This component is responsible for all the heavy lifting required to render games in lifelike details. You need a discrete GPU to play graphically intensive PC games. Choose a high-end video card to avoid unwanted gameplay inconveniences like input lag, choppy videos, and screen tearing. There are several different models of NVIDIA® GeForce® and AMD Radeon™ GPUs in Dell gaming computers. The brand even offers desktops with two graphics cards. You need gaming PCs with dual video cards to power multi-monitor gaming systems. While not required, they also definitely improve performance when playing VR games and titles at 4K and higher resolutions.

Should You Get a Dell Gaming Desktop With an SSD?

Yes. Solid state drives are slimmer, faster, quieter, and more energy-efficient than hard disk drives. Desktops with this storage devices boot up and load games much quicker than those with only HDDs. Alienware tower PCs usually feature hybrid storage media that combine SSDs and HDDs. This combination makes it possible to enjoy the speedy performance of SSDs and the higher capacities of HDDs in the same unit.

How Can the Graphics Performance of a Dell Gaming Desktop Be Improved?
Upgrade the graphics card inside the computer to a higher one. Make sure the new one is faster and has a bigger video memory. Alternatively, the desktop can be connected to a graphics amplifier. This is a standalone hardware offered by Dell to boost the graphics performance of some of its gaming PCs.

Can a Dell Gaming Desktop be Used as a Work Computer?
Yes. A gaming desktop can also work as a regular computer. There are other ways to make good use of the powerful CPUs and GPUs in such computers besides playing video games. Graphics artists, video editors, music studios, and businesses that run bespoke graphics-intensive software can benefit from the superior performance of Dell gaming systems.
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