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Satisfy your work and gaming needs with a fast-processing Dell™ gaming laptop from Staples®. A wide range of options includes models with various screen sizes, graphics card setups, and processing power to accommodate everyone from casual to professional gamers. These gaming laptops feature plenty of memory, and CPUs fast enough to run multiple programs simultaneously. The LED display on many models ensures an immersive viewing experience by enhancing contrast and enriching dominant colors. These laptops run on the latest Windows® operating system that’s preinstalled and ready to go. The compact keyboard makes it easy to type when surfing or typing an email.

Dell Gaming Laptops With Specifications
A backlit keyboard on most models makes gaming and working on complex projects in low light areas simple. Speaker configurations deliver a solid sound for music sessions, or listening to a podcast, and they eliminate the need to add additional speakers. The convenient HD webcam is ideal for video chatting with friends or colleagues online, or communicating with team members during an RPG game. The microphone in every Dell gaming laptop enables talking and recording while working on various computing tasks, or playing a game. 

Lithium-ion batteries deliver long-lasting use without connection to electricity, which is ideal for working or watching a movie outdoors. Solid state drives (SSD) deliver fast processing power to make file searching and other tasks much quicker. SSD is also a practical option because it includes no moving parts, making all digital files safer. The thermal module in select Dell laptops keeps the entire system at a cool temperature so the motherboard doesn’t overheat and cause lag, or reduce user comfort while playing. 

Are Dell Gaming Laptops Suitable For Different Video Games?
Yes, the laptop selection supports various types of games such as mmorpg’s, puzzle, survival, and racing games. Browse laptops with versatile specifications to find the right fit; higher-up models can display brand new game releases with crisp images and fast response time. The widescreen format is also practical for various games such as strategy or sports games because of the wide field of vision. 

Does Laptop Size Matter?
Depending on the purpose, it’s worth considering different laptop models to find the right match. Frequent travelers should get gaming laptops with smaller dimensions to make traveling easier. The durable construction, lightweight materials, and sleek design makes them easy to pack with other luggage or slip into a laptop case. Larger Dell gaming laptops are more suitable for stationary spots such as home offices, dorm rooms, or living rooms. 

Do Laptop Interfaces Enable Easy Connectivity?
Yes. There are several USB interfaces on most Dell laptops to connect a USB thumb drive or a mouse. The HDMI input is convenient for simple connectivity with other monitors to watch a movie on a larger screen, for example. The Bluetooth® technology is another way of connecting with other devices to create a reliable file-sharing network. In addition, Wi-Fi® connection is available to enjoy all the wonders of the web from every room.
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