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Dimensions Painting

Dimensions Paint By Number Craft Kit Painting
Item : SS1082670
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  • Available Designs: Call Of The Wilderness, Valley Of The River Beck, White Magic, Music By Candlelight, Guardian Of The, Sea, Frederick The Literate, Garden Gate, Horses By A Stream, Scenic Bridge, Chickadees In Snow, Moonlit Paradise, Stable Pals, Moonlit Cabin, Balloon Glow/Nicky Boehme, Ball Game/Jim Killen, Country Thoroughfare, Cardinals In Winter, Majestic Guardian, Wintry Wolves, Cottages By The Sea, Loons And Irises, Soaring Eagle, Deep Sea Paradise, Scenic Canal, Darling Angel, Frosty Morning Horses, Sunset Cabin, Farm Team, Taste Of Italy, Memories, Twilight Beacon, Adirondack Evening, White-Tailed Deer, Seaside Still Life, Eagle Hunter, Sunlit Fox, Winter Reflections, Peony Floral, Native American Spirit, Leopard In Repose, Dinner At The Barn, Garden Bluebirds, Fishin' Pals, Japanese Garden, Wild & Free Wolves, Pasture Buddies, Ready For The Ride, Lighthouse In The Moonlight, Lakeside Village, Barnyard Kittens, Woodland Winter, Archway To Venice, and Summer Cottage
  • With their color mixing, you will achieve the subtle tones that make their designs look so realistic
  • Kit includes pre-printed textured art board, high-quality acrylic paints, a paint brush, and easy to follow instructions
As low as $14.39
Multiple options available