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Distinow Card Readers & Adapters

Government offices, military officials, and private businesses use smart cards to provide security and control access to certain information for employees and visitors. An SCM reader makes it easy to turn a laptop or tablet into a card reader that verifies identity and provides database access in any location. Some devices can also read credit cards, which provides vendors a simple, secure way to accept payments anywhere.

Benefits of an SCM Reader
An SCM reader usually attaches to a laptop, tablet, or other mobile device through a USB connection and allows users to scan credit cards, smart IDs, and other cards that use CCID and secure chip technology. You can find models that use traditional USB connections, as well as micro-USB and reversible-USB ports. Most readers are compatible with a variety of cards including civilian and military IDs, e-banking, and credit cards, and loyalty program cards.

Some models are designed to be extremely portable and fold into a compact shape. These also include a built-in eyelet for each attachment to a lanyard or keyring. Once attached to a computer or other device through the USB connection, the reader provides a slot to slide or insert cards. There also larger models that support full insertion for cards that require this type of reader.

Additional Considerations When Choosing an SCM Reader
When selecting a credit card reader for government, commercial, or personal use, there are several things to consider. Choose a smaller, foldable design for easy transportation to a variety of sites, or use a more substantial model for permanent installation at a desk or counter. Some models read the card through contact with a flat platform rather than requiring slot insertion. This style generally provides users with a fast response and ergonomic operation. You can also find contactless and RFID readers that are compatible with different smart-card technologies.

Depending on the setup of the card reader, users can create a secure login requirement for computers and hard drives and also use the reader to initiate encryption and decryption of email. You may install a card reader to restrict access to secure websites and digital data by requiring a proprietary ID badge.

Does an SCM Reader Accept Military and Government CAC Badges?
SCM reader models are up to date with all current industry standards and support EMV Level 1 certification. The individual product documentation with each model lists whether it is a CAC-approved reader.

Does an SCM Reader Require Special Software to Operate?
Credit card readers generally come with firmware, but some users may need to download specific software to allow compatibility with military, government, or private commercial security systems. Most software is free to download.

Is an SCM Reader Compatible With All Operating Systems?
Most readers work with a variety of operating systems. Readers are usually compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems, as well as iOS and Android. It's important to choose the right USB connector, as tablets and smartphones usually require a micro-USB connector whereas desktops and laptops generally support Type A or Type C USB connections.
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Distinow Tx Systems SCM SmartFold SCR3500 Smart Card Reader (905141)
Item : IM1PF8404
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  • Smart card reader is perfect for a wide range of application areas such as government, enterprise and home use
  • Dimensions: 0.5"H x 1.9" W x 0.8"D
  • Compatible with PC, Mac
26.49 $26.49
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