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Dixie PerfecTouch Paper Hot Cup, 10 Oz., Multicolor, 25/Pack (5310DX)

Item #: 617850 | Model #: 5310DX
Dixie PerfecTouch Paper Hot Cup, 10 Oz., Multicolor, 25/Pack (5310DX)
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Dixie PerfecTouch Hot Cups, 10 oz., 25/Pack, are perfect for enjoying coffee, tea, or hot soup at your desk or in your break room.
Product ID: 617850
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About this product
The Dixie PerfecTouch coated hot beverage cups keep beverages hot and hands comfortable.

Eliminate the expensive practice of double cupping and cumbersome jackets or sleeves with the Dixie PerfecTouch coated 10-ounce cups designed for hot beverages.

  • 10 oz. hot cup
  • 25 cups per pack
  • Special coating provides a heat barrier so cup is comfortable to hold
  • Eliminates the need to use two cups or sleeves
  • Lids not included

Dixie PerfecTouch hot beverage cups are coated to protect your hands. You can enjoy your hot drink or soup without having to shield your hands from the heat with a second cup. Each cup has room for a generous amount of coffee or a serving of soup.

Comfortable and Convenient
You won't feel the heat of your coffee, tea, or soup with Dixie PerfecTouch hot beverage cups. Their coating makes these cups comfortable to hold, and once you finish, you can just throw your disposable PerfecTouch cup away.

You and your employees may be accustomed to using a second cup as a sleeve to protect your hands from the heat of hot contents. With Dixie PerfecTouch hot beverage cups, you need only one cup.

Large Size
Each of these Dixie PerfecTouch hot beverage cups holds 10 ounces, so you'll have plenty of room for a bit of extra coffee or a hearty serving of soup or instant noodles. These cups are ideal to put out near the office coffeemaker.