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Children of all ages and backgrounds enjoy playing with dolls and stuffed animals. Well suited for those who enjoy playing house or other make-believe games, these toys help foster the development of creativity and imagination in kids. Enjoy watching kids play on their own or with their friends.

Develop Group Dynamics
Help kids develop the ability to work and play well with others with the right toys, stuffed animals, and dolls. Toys encourage children to share with others and play with their peers. Kids may even want to create new games to play with their friends.

Keep Kids' Attention
Choose the right dolls or stuffed animals to grab and retain kids' attention. Some kids might like action figures that look like their favorite professional athletes and dinosaur toys, while other kids might prefer playing with baby dolls and stuffed animals that resemble their favorite real animals.

For All Ages
Help kids of all ages develop strong motor skills with toys that are suitable for wide age ranges. Available in bright primary colors and realistic designs, these toys appeal to both younger kids and older kids. Use dollhouses and puppet theaters to give kids another way to play with some of their new favorite dolls and toys.

Foster Creativity and Imagination
Keep kids active and off the couch at the same time that you foster their creativity and imagination. Stuffed animals, dolls, and other toys encourage kids to come up with their own stories and their own ways of playing, both by themselves and with others.

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