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Dorm Room Essentials

Get ready for college with these dorm essentials. Each one is designed to keep you organized and relaxed, so you can feel comfortable even when you're far from home. Whether you need cleaning supplies or caffeine, you'll find a product to suit your preferences.

Convenient Size
Many of these dorm essentials are designed with efficiency in mind, so they fit easily into small rooms without taking over the space. Reduce clutter and contain your belongings with a storage unit that slides under your bed or hangs on the door, or choose a compact appliance to add functionality without taking up all your room's valuable floor space.

Large Supply
Don't run to the cafeteria each time hunger strikes—stock your dorm room with a supply of snacks and bottled beverages. Each package comes with multiple individually wrapped items, so you can eat in the room or grab a snack as you head out the door to class. To clean up, just toss the disposable wrappers in the trash and get back to work.

Easy Organization
A neat dorm room is a comfortable dorm room, and these dorm essentials help you stay organized with minimal hassle. Choose a brightly colored desktop organizer to hold pens, or select a multi-compartment hamper to keep clothes from littering the floor. Then, organize your books and class supplies with a new backpack.

Quick Use
Even if you've never cleaned a refrigerator or washed clothes, you'll find cleaning products that are easy to use. From convenient spray cleaners to individual laundry detergent pods, each product helps you get through chores quickly. Choose from a variety of scents to keep your room and clothes smelling fresh."

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