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Dramm Corporation Gardening Aprons

Gardening involves working with dirt, mulch, thorny plants and water, all of which can stain or damage clothing. Dramm Corporation gardening aprons are sturdy and designed to protect clothing from dirt and grass stains. Staples has the tools and apparel you need for working outdoors.

Gardening Aprons with Practical Features
An apron should not only protect your clothing from gardening debris, but should also make the whole experience more enjoyable. Many aprons provide full coverage from the neck to the lower part of the body. If you prefer a style that doesn't go around the neck, there are half aprons that tie around the waist. The pockets are also important. Part of the apron's function is to keep all your gardening tools within reach. Most aprons have several pockets of different sizes that are convenient for keeping your gloves, shears, cell phone, trowel and other necessities easily accessible. Another consideration is the apron's material. Cotton is lightweight, breathable and easy to wash and dry, but it may be torn when working with thorny plants or rough overgrowth. For tough conditions, it's better to choose a durable fabric such as heavy-duty canvas.

Aprons Come in a Range of Styles
There are several different styles of gardening apron, all of which have unique benefits. Those who want the ability to quickly slip it on and off may prefer a style that ties at the back of the neck. Pullover styles rest on the shoulders to distribute weight more evenly across the back. Some models feature adjustable straps for a customized fit.

The storage configuration may be one large pouch or several smaller pockets. Some pockets are made of mesh whereas others are made of cotton or sturdy nylon. If you plan to harvest vegetables, you may prefer an apron with a single large pouch. This style is sometimes called a harvesting apron. Some harvesting aprons have release buckles that let you quickly empty the pouch. If you have several tools you'd like to keep separated, multiple smaller pockets are a better option. Some pockets have a secure closure such as a zipper or Velcro.

How to Care for a Gardening Apron
A gardening apron can last for years with the proper care. It should be cleaned after every use. After removing all tools and plant material, check the pockets for dirt, rocks and other debris. Some fabrics, such as nylon, can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Canvas and cotton aprons are usually machine washable, but you should always follow the manufacturer's care instructions.

What Other Gardening Apparel Is Available?
While the gardening apron protects your clothing and makes carrying tools simple, there are other useful items to consider. Specially designed gardening boots provide protection from thorns, mud and insects. They're easy to clean and usually have textured soles for stability and traction. Some styles are tall enough to provide protection up to the knee. Gardening gloves protect your hands from plant spines and thorns, and they provide extra gripping power for pulling weeds. Wearing gloves also helps prevent blisters when using shears and trowels. Staples has aprons, boots, gloves and other gear to make your time in the yard productive and comfortable.
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Dramm 10-19010 Tool Holster
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