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Drawing Kits
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Drawing kits encourage people's artistic sides, combining many supplies into a single package to make the process easier. They come in varying sizes ranging from starter kits for beginners to get a feel of the subject to advanced sets for those who have experience. Staples carries a variety of drawing supplies from popular brands such as Crayola, General Pencil and Royal Brush.

Choose From a Variety of Sizes
Drawing kits come in several sizes and configurations. Some include a detailed instruction book with a few supplies like pencils and pastels to get you started. These often focus on a special niche such as cartoon drawing or still life sketching. Larger kits include several drawing supplies such as colored pencils, markers and a variety of paper types including construction and sketching. Many come with a storage case so you can keep all of the supplies together between uses. The largest kits contain well over 100 pieces to provide you with a little bit of everything for various art projects.

Brands like Royal Brush offer kits in a canvas case with slots inside to hold supplies. The case folds up neatly and has handles so you can take it on the go, whether to art class or on vacation to draw when the inspiration strikes. Others have a wooden case that snaps and latches closed for a simple storage solution that takes up little space.

Purchase Drawing Kits in Age-Appropriate Levels
You can find drawing kits for people of all ages from toddlers who are just learning how to handle writing utensils to adults. Kits for younger children often include crayons, markers, and colored pencils to help facilitate different types of drawing methods. Mess-free markers that only appear on a special type of paper help eliminate messes and washable markers make it easy to clean up after a coloring or drawing session. With erasable colored pencils, it's possible to correct minor mistakes such as coloring outside the line or using the wrong color.

Teenagers and adults who are just venturing into the niche will find more specialized kits aimed at advanced drawing techniques. Graphite pencils create bold sketch lines and with blending tools, budding and experienced artists can create shading and other effects. Rubber erasers get rid of mistakes without marring the paper or the rest of the picture. Those looking to dabble in other mediums will find kits with oil pastels and compressed color sticks. Oil pastels have a creamy texture and are simple to blend, compressed color sticks have a dense texture that's good for drawing clean lines. Many artists use them in place of charcoal as a durable substitute.

Create Kits for Educational Use
Teachers for preschool and elementary school levels and daycare centers can create their own sets with an array of supplies. Buying markers, pencils, and other drawing supplies in bulk ensures there's enough on hand for multiple kids to use at once. The sets help promote fun art activities and keep children occupied for extended periods of time.

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