Dry Erase Whiteboards

Dry-erase boards provide a reusable and multipurpose space to communicate. Draw, write and easily erase to start over. Use the boards in classrooms for presentations, in offices and boardrooms for meetings, or in home kitchens for reminder notes and schedules.

Types of Dry-Erase Boards
Dry-erase boards are made of a variety of materials such as steel, aluminum and laminate. Melamine and porcelain are often top choices. Melamine usually consists of a plastic coating over a hardwood backing. It is easy to clean but isn't as scratch-resistant as porcelain. Porcelain is resistant to scratches and stains. It is durable and suitable for heavy use. If a long-lasting board is required, invest in a porcelain-coated steel model. Some boards come with a half whiteboard and half corkboard layout, making them multifunctional. Other whiteboards come preprinted with calendars for staff vacation schedules or in-or-out formats that are good for placing in reception areas.

A wide variety of sizes lets users choose dry-erase boards to fit specific functions. Small 9 x 12-inch boards are ideal for practicing penmanship or math in a classroom. Or put one on the refrigerator to quickly write your grocery list. Medium 17 x 23-inch boards help keep your office organized. This size works well to jot down notes and lists. Choose from 2 x 3 foot or 4 x 6 foot whiteboards. These larger boards are good for classrooms and meeting rooms. They provide a large writing space that can be seen from the back of the room. Some of the larger boards come on convenient casters for easy mobility, while others mount on the wall.

Whiteboard Accessories
Dry-erase markers are a necessity. They come in plenty of color choices. Use markers specifically suited for dry-erase boards as others may damage whiteboard surfaces. Erasers specifically made for the boards are also needed to effectively clean them, although rags and paper towels are also suitable. To keep melamine boards looking fresh, a dry-erase cleaning solution may be needed. Consider purchasing magnets if you have a steel-backed dry-erase board. Magnets allow you to display pictures or other documents. Built-in or attachable marker trays are helpful for free-standing boards, ensuring that writing implements stay in one place.

How Does Dry-Erase Work?
The boards are made out of non-porous materials. This keeps them from absorbing the ink. The marker ink is made with a solvent such as alcohol, which dries quickly and attaches the ink to the surface. The polymer is silicone, which keeps the colored pigment from coming in direct contact with the surface of the board.

Can Permanent Marker Be Removed From a Dry-Erase Board?
Permanent markers are not to be used on whiteboards. If they are used inadvertently, simply color on top of the permanent marker notations with a dark-colored dry-erase marker. After a few minutes, remove the splotches with a dry eraser. Clean with a dry-erase cleaning solution if needed.

Are All Whiteboards Magnetic?
Not all whiteboards are magnetic. Porcelain ones are always magnetic, but not all magnetic boards are porcelain. Some have a wooden backing, while others have steel. Steel makes the boards magnetic regardless of the surface material.