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Read your favorite books while you're on the go with e-readers. Choose e-reader tablets with Wi-Fi connections to download new books anywhere. Conveniently browse through your large collection thanks to e-readers such as the Amazon Kindle with extended storage space.

Room to Grow
Select e-readers with extra storage space to ensure you have plenty of room for all your old favorites and new discoveries. These e-readers offer between 8 GB to 32 GB of disk space, so you can consolidate your hard copies in digital versions without losing a single volume in the process. In addition, cloud storage is offered with some Kindle models from Amazon, so you can expand your book collection even further without taking up space on your device. This helps you save space in your home while allowing you to convert your bookshelves into display areas for treasured items. 

Vivid Displays
Select e-readers with 7-inch screens that are portable enough to take along anywhere while still providing a large viewing area. Discover e-readers with HD displays that allow you to enjoy your favorite Internet videos and TV shows with the vivid richness they were intended. Add such as protective covers and book lights to extend your use even further.

Convenient to Use
These e-readers feature touchscreen convenience, allowing you to easily scroll through pages, bookmark favorite passages, and download new books with just the flip of a finger. Some models feature integrated speakers and headphone jacks so you can listen to podcasts or enjoy audio books straight from your device. Super-fast processors in these e-readers makes using them simple and quick regardless of whether you're enjoying a good read at home or commuting to work or class.
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All-New Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
Item : 1684954
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  • 300 ppi resolution/pixel density
  • Free cloud storage for all Amazon content
  • Connect free at AT&T hotspots in the US or with Wi-Fi anywhere
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Kindle WiFi with Special Offers
Item : 984297
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  • Amazon's 6" E Ink Pearl display with optimized font technology, 167 ppi, 16-level gray scale
  • Fully wireless and doesn't require a computer to download content
  • 2 GB internal (approximately 1.25 GB available for user content). Holds up to 1,400 books
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
Item : 1204044
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  • Thinner than a pencil and lighter than a paperback
  • Reads like paper with no screen glare in bright sunlight
  • Take, download, and share notes
Kindle Fire HD 7" 8GB Tablet, Wifi
Item : 306704
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  • 7" HD touchscreen with advanced polarizing filter, and anti-glare technology (1280 x 800)
  • 8GB of internal storage
  • 1.5GHz Dual-Core CPU, with 1GB of RAM
Kindle Keyboard 3G+Wi-Fi, Graphite
Item : 904796
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  • Only 8.5 ounces and 1/3 of an inch thin: Kindle is lighter than a typical paperback and thinner than most magazines
  • 6” high-contrast, E Ink screen for the clearest text and sharpest images; read as easily in bright sunlight with no glare as in your living room.
  • Battery Life of up to 1 month with wireless off, or up to 10 days with the wireless on
Kindle Fire 7" HD 16GB Tablet, Wifi with Special Offers
Item : 306698
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  • HD touchscreen with polarizing and anti-glare technology
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, plus Gmail and Outlook support
  • USB 2.0 port for computer connection or charging
Kindle Fire HDX 7" 16GB Tablet
Item : 306702
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  • 7-inch HDX display (1920x1200) with high pixel density (323 PPI)
  • Perfect color accuracy (100 percent sRGB) for images that go beyond HD
  • Ultra-fast 2.2 GHz quad-core processor for fast, fluid gaming and video
Kindle Paperwhite 3G
Item : 990326
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  • Amazon's 6" Paperwhite display with patented built-in light
  • 2 GB internal memory. Holds up to 1,100 books
  • Built-in Wi-Fi lets you download books in under 60 seconds
Kindle Wi-Fi with Special Offers
Item : 401447
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  • Most Advanced 6” E Ink screen
  • Millions of books at your fingertips
  • Download books in 60 seconds; Connect to Wi-Fi hotspots at home or on the road
Kindle Fire HD 8.9-Inch 16GB Tablet with 1.5 GHz Dual-Core Processor
Item : 108945
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  • Kindle Fire HD display delivers vivid graphics
  • 16GB of memory stores plenty of apps
  • Dolby audio for rich, distortion-free sound
Fire HD 7 8GB Tablet
Item : 1376085
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  • 7-inch HD touchscreen with 1280x800 resolution and 216 ppi
  • Video playback up to 720p and IPS (in-plane switching) technology
  • 8 GB of internal storage with 1 GB of RAM
Kindle Fire 7" with Special Offers
Item : 984032
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  • 7" multi-touch color display; 1024x600 pixel resolution at 169 ppi, IPS (in-plane switching) technology
  • 8GB internal storage, approximately 5.5GB available for user content
  • Dual-core, 1.2GHz OMAP4430 processor
Fire HD 6 8GB Tablet
Item : 1376089
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  • Fast quad-core processor with front and rear cameras and Dolby Audio
  • 8 GB of internal storage with 1 GB of RAM
  • 6-inch HD touchscreen with 1280x800 resolution and 252 ppi
Fire HD 7 16GB Tablet
Item : 1376084
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  • 7-inch HD touchscreen with 1280x800 resolution and 216 ppi
  • Video playback up to 720p and IPS (in-plane switching) technology
  • 16 GB of internal storage with 1 GB of RAM
Fire HD 6 16GB Tablet
Item : 1375894
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  • High-definition touchscreen with video playback
  • Fast quad-core processor ideal for apps, movies, and games
  • Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity
Itomic 7" TFT eBook Reader MP3 Player Photo Viewer (MRTM6838)
Item : 24025109
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  • Procute Type - MP3 Player
  • Memory - SDRAM 64MB
  • Size -7 in.