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The E-Z Grader Blue Large Print, Up to 70 Questions  (EZ-7200)
Item #157476
Model #EZ-7200
  • Scores up to 70 problems with up to 30 problems wrong
  • Subject: tests, quizzes, homework scores
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Quickly and efficiently grade multi-question tests with the help of an EZ-grader. These slide-out reference charts are a staple for any classroom. At a glance, teachers can quickly assess homework and quizzes. These grade books save valuable time and effort when working through large stacks of papers. Small and compact, they are easy to carry between home and work, making it simple to work on grades anywhere at any time. Choose from an extensive selection of education supplies and teaching aids like these at Staples.

Use an EZ-Grader to Quickly and Efficiently Tally Grades
These sliding charts make it simple to calculate grade percentages on tests, homework assignments, and other projects without a calculator or computer. Simply pull out the middle section until it displays the total number of questions in the top window. Then add up the number of wrong answers on the student's sheet and compare that number to the grader, where it gives a precise percentage of total correct answers for that particular quiz or worksheet. Once finished, mark the grade in a lesson plan record book and move on to the next student's paper. It eliminates the need for lengthy calculations, allowing educators to move on to other work in a timely fashion.

Choose from Multiple Calculation Styles
Each original style grader is capable of assessing tests with up to 95 total questions. Long range options are an ideal choice for longer quizzes and worksheets with the capacity for up to 200 questions. Graders with larger print for easy reading can calculate grade percentages for papers that feature up to 70 questions and weighted grade finders make it simple to calculate final grades at the end of the semester.

Have Piece of Mind That Grades Recorded in the Lesson Plans Book are Accurate
Without the need for multiple calculations to assess a student's grade, this device takes the guesswork out of the grading process. It eliminates the chance of human error with calculators or computer programs with a tried and true scale system. Made from durable materials, it's meant to last, providing grading help again and again over the course of the school year. Its compact nature makes it easy to carry this device from the office to home and back again, ensuring access to accurate grade measurements whenever and where ever grading is most convenient.

Available in a Wide Selection of Colors
From gold and blue to green and purple, there's a color option to suit almost any taste. The original product comes in a bright teal that's easy to recognize. With the purchase of select pink graders, the manufacturer will donate partial proceeds from the sale of the product to the fight against breast cancer. Other color options are suitable for matching school colors or complimenting the color scheme of existing office supplies in the classroom. Pick a bright, bold color to quickly find and recognize the device when it is time to sit down and grade papers. Staples carries a wide selection of school supplies including pens, pencils, and colored pencils.