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Items that promote early learning skills make it simple for parents and teachers to help children comprehend important subjects. Help young kids master vital skills with educational products from brands like Learning Advantage and Melissa & Doug. Add toys, books, and flash cards to your collection.

Tailored Toward Children
The manufacturers who create products that encourage early learning skills understand that kids learn differently than adults. Each product is carefully designed to appeal to young children, whether you are using bold, double-sided blocks to help a classroom of toddlers brush up on their matching skills or reviewing vibrant flash cards with a group of energetic kindergarteners. The products are easy for small hands to grip, and many items are adorned with familiar characters or cute creatures.

Durable and Reusable
Stock your classroom with long-lasting, high-quality products that promote early learning skills. These puzzles, blocks, and flash cards are constructed from resilient materials that effectively withstand the effects of sticky fingers and accidental drops. Some pieces are washable, so you can keep them looking new even after multiple students pass them around the room.

Fun Approach
Help preschoolers learn their ABCs and numbers or master their shapes and colors by capturing their attention with interesting items that focus on early learning skills. Bright colors and whimsical designs help make learning fun for little ones with a wide array of personalities, whether you have a classroom that primarily consists of hands-on learners or you teach a room filled with quiet tots. Make learning extra fun for your toddlers by adding several LeapFrog learning tools to your current stash of early childhood games and toys.

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