Easels are an essential part of any business's or artist's office supplies and serve as the perfect place to create and exhibit professional work. Their use for presentations during meetings, conferences and trade shows makes them a useful tool.

A product display in a trade show will attract more attention when it is sitting above table level. A financial chart will have higher visibility when set on a frame that lifts it up above the stage or conference table.

Questions and answers will garner more attention if everyone in the room has a clear view of the flip chart. With a wide variety of designs to choose from it's easy to come up with one to fit your needs.

Display Easels

Displays support prepared data charts, graphic presentations, photographs and samples of a vendor's products. They aid in adding visual interest to lectures to enhance understanding of what is being demonstrated.

Large tablets of easel paper can be set on an adjustable tray to supply a clean page each time the subject changes. Setting up a whiteboard provides a surface to write suggestions, questions and answers as they come up in a meeting and edit them as the discussion progresses.

Models that can display materials on a desktop in front of the speaker are useful for meetings with a smaller audience. Individual tabletop setups provide an opportunity to display conference materials directly in front of each participant.

Floor models allow for having only one or two near the speaker that will be visible to all participants.

Conveniently Portable

Some models have casters, making them easy to transport from room to room and maneuver into place. Telescoping legs make it easy to adjust the easel to a suitable height and angle.

Adjustable chart supports hold different sizes of displays. Rubber pads on the legs of some provide a steady position.

Some models by top brands like Quartet offer non-marring feet and will hold a display of up to 25 pounds. Retractable legs adjust from 37 to 62 inches.

Collapsible tripods allow for easy portability, with some models folding down enough to fit neatly into a briefcase. These convenient models are lightweight and support up to 15 pounds.

Whiteboards with their Own Easels

In addition to the whiteboards designed to hang on the wall or set on a tripod, whiteboards can come attached to their own easels. They are lightweight and will collapse for transport. A double-sided style has plenty of room to write with the added advantage of having its own framework.

Its legs will easily adjust for heights of up to 70 inches. A dual-purpose stand includes clips to attach a paper flip-chart for added display flexibility.

Dry-erase markers can be found in an array of colors along with dry erasers.