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Emergen-C Energy & Sports Drinks

Emergen-C vitamins help with several important physical processes, including growth and the protection of healthy immune systems, and a varied diet provides often needs a little help providing everything the body needs. Many people drink vitamin powders to supplement their diets. Others drink it primarily for its delicious taste. No matter why you love energy drinks, you can find a variety of flavors right here at Staples.

Emergen-C for Vitamins, Electrolytes and Other Nutrients
Healthy diets depend on vitamins and electrolytes, and Emergen-C serves as a dietary supplement for those who need an extra boost. Each of these powder packets contains 1,000 mg of vitamin C, more than 1,000 percent of the recommended daily requirement. Not only does this vitamin contribute to a healthy immune system, but it also gives the mixture its name. Emergen-C contains other nutrients as well. It has Manganese for bone strength and cartilage growth, and vitamin B for metabolism. This tasty mixture serves as a robust dietary supplement with an expansive variety of vitamins and nutrients.

A Refreshing Mixture With Water
It only takes a minute to mix Emergen-C vitamin C powder into a glass of water. Higher water to powder ratios create softer, refreshing flavors while lower water to powder ratios create more robust tastes. These supplements come in several colorful flavors as well. The original varieties include Super Orange, Berry Bliss and Tangerine, and all of them contain similar nutrients. Because this supplement comes in powder form, it mixes quickly and allows every person to choose their preferred strength. The powders also mix to form additional flavors. Each box includes 50 packets, more than enough for one packet a day for seven weeks. Each packet contains enough powder to make a 4 to 6-ounce drink.

Other Ways to Enjoy Emergen-C
Because these dietary supplement packets mix into liquid, there are many other ways to prepare them. The powders mix with ingredients for smoothies, pancake batter and many other dishes for a boost of fruit flavor. They also add nutrients to warm drinks. A single packet of Super Orange OfficePRO Brewing System transforms a regular cup of cocoa into a chocolate and orange-flavored treat. These mixtures freeze to form tasty popsicles as well, and parents can use them as healthy summer treats for everyone in the family. It also stirs into muffin mixes to add flavor and nutrients to a morning favorite.

Emergency Vitamin C for Work, Travel and Home
These lightweight packets pack into pockets, backpacks and briefcases for transport anywhere. These units tear open near the top of their labels without the need for scissors, and they contain everything needed to mix into a single drink. Many people choose to double up these mixtures to create extra-bold flavors and for a major boost of vitamins. Travelers can pack these packets into the pocket of their carry-on for an instant flavor boost before flying, and students can keep a box near their water bottle to maintain healthy immune systems on campus.

There are as many types of Emergen-C as there are ways to prepare it. Whether you prefer classic citrus flavors or the taste of pink lemonade, Staples has the vitamin C mixes you need to supplement your daily diet. Staples carries a wide selection of beverages including bottled water, coffee, juice, and K-cups
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Emergen-C Vitamin C Drink Mix for Office Wellness, 50 Packets/Box
Item : SS1053580
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  • Available in Tangerine, Acai Berry, Pink Lemonade, Super Orange and Raspberry
  • 50 packs per box
  • .3 oz. packets
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