Emergency Lights

Avoid accidents, mishaps, and more both at home and on the go with emergency lights. Often designed for use on vehicles and homes, the lights also come in designs that you can wear. Protect yourself, your home, and your family from robbers, other drivers, and other hazards that you might encounter.

Alert Drivers Behind You
Keep other drivers behind you on the road aware of your movements with emergency lights that mount directly onto your car or trailer and work with your existing taillights. The lights let other drivers know that you are transporting a heavier load and when you need to make a sudden stop or turn your vehicle.

Stop Burglars
Stop burglars in their tracks with emergency stoplights and motion sensor lights. The lights automatically turn on when anyone or anything triggers the sensor, which alerts you of people or wild animals outside your home. Motion sensor lights easily mount to your home or garage, and you can use extension and power cords to power the lights.

Prevent Car Accidents
Reduce your risk of going through a car accident with emergency flashing lights. Also known as emergency flashers, the lights work with an internal battery and flash on and off quickly. Use one or more of these lights when you need to pull your vehicle over on the side of the road to let others know you are there.

Stay Safe Outside
Stay safe outside when working in your yard or doing professional tasks for work with emergency light vests. Flashing lights scattered across the vest catch the eye of others and alert them of your location.