Best-Rite Enlighten Glass Dry-Erase Board, 4' x 3'

Best-Rite Enlighten Glass Dry-Erase Board, 4' x 3'

Item #: 260707 | Model #: 84074
Best-Rite Enlighten Glass Dry-Erase Board, 4' x 3'
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Product ID: 260707
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Product details
The Best-Rite Enlighten glass dry erase markerboard features a black background for a sophisticated look

Capture attention with the black background and upscale styling of this Best-Rite dry erase markerboard. With a tempered glass writing surface, the dry erase markerboard allows you to use either dry or wet erase markers. Select white or fluorescent marker colors to make text pop against the black writing surface. Featuring stainless steel standoffs that add dimensionality and protect the glass from wall surfaces, the markerboard is easy to wipe clean without leaving ghost marks behind, ensuring years of durable use.

  • Frameless design lends an upscale look
  • Black writing surface offers high contrast when used with white or fluorescent markers
  • Includes stainless steel standoffs to provide dimensionality and protect glass from wall surfaces
  • Durable tempered glass cleans easily and completely
  • Sophisticated look works well for high-end applications
  • Versatile surface accepts many different marker types
  • Stainless-steel standoffs add a layer of depth for enhanced elegance
  • Black background works well with white or fluorescent markers
  • 3' x 4' writing surface
Communicate your message to the whole room with the Best-Rite dry erase markerboard. Its contemporary style and large surface area make this markerboard the perfect choice for the boardroom or the classroom, with durable construction that lasts you through the years.

Built to Last
Made with durable tempered glass, this board can withstand use in many different settings. The slick black surface is easy to clean and accepts many different types of markers, including dry/wet erase.

A Sleek Look
This board draws every eye in the room with its contemporary style, ensuring your message is received by fellow co-workers or students. A cool black surface is pleasant on the eyes and makes for an optimal, bold backdrop to many different marker colors. Four standoffs made of stainless steel dot the board's corners, further enhancing that sleek office look.

Sized for Optimal Viewing
At 3 feet by 4 feet, this board is the ideal inclusion for any space where you need to get that important message across to a group of people, as viewers will be able to see your writing from a distance. This size also lends a facet of mobility to the product, as you can carry it with ease to your next big meeting.