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Amazon Smart Plug, White (B01MZEEFNX)Amazon Smart Plug, White (B01MZEEFNX)
Item #24373187
  • Amazon Smart Plug works with Alexa to add voice control to any outlet.
  • Schedule lights, fans, and appliances to turn on and off automatically, or control them remotely when you are away.
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Google Nest Thermostat E (T4000ES)Google Nest Thermostat E (T4000ES)
Item #24216060
Model #T4000ES
  • ENERGY STAR: The Nest Learning Thermostat is the first thermostat to get ENERGY STAR certified.
  • Learns the temperatures you like for different times/days and programs itself
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TP-LINK Wi-Fi Smart Plug (HS105)TP-LINK Wi-Fi Smart Plug (HS105)
Item #2608210
Model #HS105
  • Compact design blends into your power outlet without blocking adjacent sockets
  • Create on/off schedules, timers and countdowns or set to work around dawn and dusk
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ETEKCITY Voltson Smart Wi-Fi Plug, 2/Pack (ESW01-USA-R19)ETEKCITY Voltson Smart Wi-Fi Plug, 2/Pack (ESW01-USA-R19)
Item #24436101
  • These two smart plugs let you control your hard-to-reach appliances from anywhere
  • Equipped with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi (IEEE802.11b/g/n), compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
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Ecobee 3 Lite 2.0 (EB-STATE3LT-02O)Ecobee 3 Lite 2.0 (EB-STATE3LT-02O)
Item #2710332
Model #EB-STATE3LT-02O
  • Smarter comfort. Your ecobee3 lite works with your local weather, schedule, and desired comfort settings. That's how we ensure comfort when you're home, and savings when you're not.
  • Wireless remote sensors. Sensors work with your ecobee3 lite to deliver comfort in the rooms that matter most. And because they track occupancy, they're smarter about saving energy when you're away.
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TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip (HS300)TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip (HS300)
Item #24360014
Model #HS300
  • 6 Smart Outlets – Independently control 6 smart outlets, and charge 3 others with 3 built-in USB ports. Ideal for controlling electronics home, home office, or business use.
  • Voice Control – Remotely control your smart plug and use voice commands with Alexa, Google Assistant, or Microsoft Cortana.
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Wemo Mini Wi-Fi Smart PlugWemo Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plug
Item #2722085
Model #F7C063
  • Control from anywhere.
  • Works with Google Home and Amazon Alexa.
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TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug 2-Outlets (HS107)TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug 2-Outlets (HS107)
In store only
Item #24365328
Model #HS107
  • Double the Outlets – Control 2 devices from anywhere at the same time or individually with one smart plug. Ideal for controlling electronics in your bedroom, kitchen appliances, or even an iron in a laundry room.
  • Voice Control - Use simple voice commands with your smart plug and any Alexa, Google Assistant or Microsoft Cortana. You can even give each outlet a unique name and use them separately. Turn a lamp off and ask your voice assistant to turn on a fan.
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Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Outlet (KP200)Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Outlet (KP200)
Item #24392452
Model #KP200
  • Smart In-Wall Outlets – Kasa Smart’s in-wall outlet lets you control 2 plugged in devices from anywhere at the same time or individually. All the features and benefits of a Kasa Smart plug multiplied. Take up less space with this in-wall option that’s ideal for your living room, kitchen, even your bedroom.
  • Control from Anywhere – Turn your in-wall outlet on or off, set schedules or scenes from anywhere with your smartphone using the Kasa Smart app. Remotely turn your holiday lights on while you’re at the office or away from home.
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Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Outdoor Plug (KP400)Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Outdoor Plug (KP400)
Item #24392449
Model #KP400
  • Double the Outlets – Control 2 outdoor devices from anywhere, together or individually, with one smart plug. Ideal for controlling landscape lighting, swimming pool pumps, holiday lights, or other appliances.
  • Weather-resistant – The Kasa Smart Outdoor Plug’s IP64 rating ensures your device will be protected against entry of dust and splashes of water from any direction.
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Use environmental control devices to manage a variety of appliances, including lighting fixtures and thermostats. Installation is simple, and you can program these devices remotely using a downloadable app for your smartphone or tablet. Enjoy the convenience and cost-saving benefits that having a smart home or office can provide.

Save Money
Using the app, you can set the environmental control devices to automatically turn on and off at preset times, which can help you manage energy consumption. For example, you can set the office thermostat to turn off when everyone has left for the day and to automatically turn on a few minutes before the office opens. This is a great way to save money with little effort.

Plug and Play
Most of these environmental control devices work out of the box, requiring minimal installation. This is great for people who may not be handy with electronics. With the easy-to-follow instructions that come with each piece of equipment, you can get the product set up fast to enjoy the benefits it provides right away.

Staples has environmental control equipment to manage a variety of devices such as air conditioners. You can get outlets that let you wirelessly manage the power supply to appliances plugged into them or find a voice-activated personal assistant that you can use to control all appliances connected to it with simple voice commands. Z-Wave, GE, and other manufacturers have the equipment you need to connect your entire home and office.

Safety and security are top priorities for many people. These environmental control devices have features that ensure safe usage, prevent tampering, and withstand environmental elements. Protect yourself and your assets.