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Espoma Composting Bins

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just a beginner, Staples has everything you need to start and maintain a compost bin including supplies from top brands such as Espoma, OXO, Algreen, Fiskars and more. Composting is an excellent way to turn your home or businesses waste into a highly nutritious fertilizer for plants and gardens. Compost doesn't just feed plants, it also improves soil and makes the ground more fertile.

Why You Should Use Composting Bins
Keeping a compost pile is an excellent way to improve and maintain the quality of your soil. For a rich and productive garden, the soil must be fertilized. Composters don't need commercial fertilizers. Instead, nutrients are returned to the ground naturally by breaking down organic materials. Additionally, compost contains substances that aren't present in manmade fertilizers such as microorganisms, natural antibiotics and enzymes. These materials protect plants by hindering bad soil pathogens and fostering beneficial insects. Compost also helps soil maintain an appropriate pH for healthier plants.

Choosing the Right Type and Size
Composting bins come in a variety of sizes and shapes. There are two main types, stationary and rotating bins. Stationary containers are ideal for continuous composting, which works well for anyone with a steady stream of organic debris such as food scraps and garden waste. Continuous composting systems are simple and very common. Stackable bins and wedge systems make getting compost out easy. Rotating bins are used for batch composting, which involves placing a large amount of material in a container and waiting until it all becomes compost to use it. This approach is suitable for large scale composting.

The Benefits of Compost Tumblers and Rotating Bins
Compost tumblers come in a variety of sizes, but most are large and designed for high volumes of organic materials. The easiest way to use one is to wait until there is enough material to fill it then load it up and turn it daily. The main benefit is speed. Rotating bins can turn organic waste into compost in as few as four weeks.

Stock Up on Composting Supplies
To keep a productive composting system, you'll need a few basic supplies in addition to bins. Compost starters from brands like Espoma and worms can help jumpstart the process, and forks and aerators keep materials well mixed. Thermometers are an easy way to check on the bin since composting piles need to remain between 50 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit to speed up decomposition, destroy any pathogenic organisms and seeds and for the worms to thrive. Compostable bags and kitchen pails are convenient for collecting food waste in the kitchen or refrigerator.

Common Compostable Materials and Recipes
Most organic waste is compostable, and businesses and homes alike produce a lot of it. Some composters will benefit from a composting recipe, but it isn't necessary. You need a mixture of carbon-rich and nitrogen-rich materials to produce compost efficiently. To achieve the proper ratio, a good rule of thumb is to put about 3 times as many brown materials as green materials in the bin. Brown materials include paper, pine needles, dry leaves and sawdust while green materials include fruit, kitchen scraps, and fresh leaves.
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Espoma CS4 4 Lbs. Organic Compost Starter
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  • Product Type: Compost Starter
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  • Weight: 4 lbs.
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