Espresso Machines

Espresso machines brew a variety of beverages including espresso and milk-based drinks that include cappuccino and lattes. They have a sophisticated design that uses pumps and pressurized water to create the perfect brew, and come in an array of sizes for personal and commercial use. Shoppers at Staples will find several models from top brands such as DeLonghi, Cuisinox and Jura-Capresso.

Steam and Pump Operations Serve Various Tastes
Espresso machines come in two formats: steam and pump operation. Steam-driven models use steam, while pump-driven models use electricity and ThermoBlock heating systems to create ample pressure. Those that operate on pumps come in either full, semi or super-automatic configurations, each with its own set of benefits. Semi-automatic units give you full control over all elements with the exception of the water pressure and temperature, which are automated. Super-automatic units do more of the processing work that goes into a single cup of espresso. Pump models have the ability to create an authentic crema layer, making them a top consideration for true connoisseurs.

Personal and Commercial Models Suit Different Users
Personal espresso machines have a water tank that's easy to fill up, with a removable design for cleaning between uses. They typically have a single spout with a multi-cup capacity. Personal machines take up little space, and some combine with drip-style coffee makers to suit a variety of drinkers. Most commercial machines attach directly to a water line for a continuous flow and uninterrupted brewing capability. Models with dual spouts let users craft more than one cup at a time, which comes in handy for busy cafes and hospitality users.

Built-In Features Increase Control
To increase versatility many machines have a hot water dispenser to make tea or other hot beverages outside of espresso and milk-based beverages. Some models come with built-in grinders and canisters that hold the beans until they're activated, for a cup of fresh espresso on demand, while others have grinders without storage capability. Models with grinders have up to 13 different grind settings, so you can program the grinding level to your liking. An auto-shutoff function adds safety and illuminated icons let you know when the machine is warming up or ready, and displays current settings. More advanced models come with intuitive displays that let you customize every detail, and create up to six custom profiles for individual user preferences.

Advanced Functions Enhance Versatility
Temperature control dials let users select between hot or medium drinks, and some have electronic, programmable units. Those who like chocolate will enjoy machines with a chocolate function that dispenses the sweet treat with a push of a button to create hot chocolates or mocha beverages. Machines with a coffee and steam selector make it easy to switch between brewing and steaming for quick, efficient action. A frother sleeve improves control over creating milk froth for cappuccinos while a steam tube helps create lattes. Choose anespresso machinewith a removable milk carafe to keep the contents fresh and ready between sessions. Dishwasher safe carafes and removable drip trays ensure a simple cleanup experience.