Eureka® Straight Goal Setting Thermometer Banner, 45" x 12", Multicolor (EU-84958)

Item #: 931494 | Model #: EU-84958

About this product

The Eureka goal setting thermometer vertical banner is an innovative approach to constantly encourage young kids to work towards their goal in life.

Display the Eureka goal setting thermometer banner on the walls, doors and bulletin boards to make the classrooms more lively and interesting. Sporting a thermometer design, with a goal achievement message right on top, it provides adequate space for kids to write their own goals and set their milestones, to finally reach the top. Vibrant and colorful, this pre-school banner is easy to display and can be folded flat for easy storage.

  • Vertical motivational banner prompts children to be focused
  • Suitable for use to enhance the classrooms of pre-school to 12th grade kids
  • Dimensions: 45"L x 12"W
  • Goal setting thermometer design is innovative and inspirational