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Ex-Cell Tampons

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Sanitary supplies are important to ensure a woman's monthly cycle is as comfortable as possible. Ex-Cell and other brands offer feminine hygiene products and accessories, such as tampons and sanitary napkins, as well as accessories for clean disposal. Shop the large selection at Staples to find the right products for stocking your home or office restroom.

Benefits of Tampons
Many women use tampons to deal with their monthly periods in a clean and comfortable way. There are numerous sizes and brands so every woman can find a style that suits her best. Different types have different applicator methods and scents. There are also several available sizes of tampons. Larger sizes usually have a higher absorbency level, while smaller sizes are better for lighter days. A tampon that's the right size and style should be effective for several hours without discomfort. Some brands offer sport styles specifically designed for use during athletic activity, such as swimming, running and acrobatics.

Stock a Variety of Products for Personalized Protection
Most women need a few different feminine hygiene products to deal with all aspects of the monthly cycle. Some women prefer to use maxi pads during certain days or at night and tampons when participating in athletic activities. You may prefer to use a thin pantyliner as a backup when wearing a tampon. There are certain styles of hygiene products designed for portability in a purse or bag. They often come in small individual packaging that's durable to avoid accidental tearing and to make disposal simple. Whether you're stocking an office lavatory or a restroom at a bed and breakfast, it's a smart idea to have a variety of feminine hygiene products on hand.

Are Tampons or Sanitary Napkins Better?
Some women prefer one or the other, and many use a combination of both. Pads can be easier to use, especially for women who find tampons uncomfortable. For certain activities, such as swimming, using a maxi pad isn't possible, so a tampon is a better choice.

How Often Should Tampons Be Changed?
Leaving a tampon in too long can increase the risk of toxic shock syndrome (TSS). You should change a tampon at least every 8 hours, and more often depending on your personal needs. Only use a tampon at night if you'll be able to change it within eight hours.

Is a Plastic or Cardboard Applicator Better?
Most brands utilize a cardboard or plastic applicator, though some have no applicator at all. The best applicator is the one that's the most comfortable for you. Some women prefer the smoothness of plastic, whereas others find that cardboard is more flexible. No-applicator styles produce less waste to deal with, which some women prefer.

How to Dispose of Tampons Properly?
Though some tampons claim to be flushable, they can cause problems with plumbing and especially septic systems. It's best to dispose of the wrapper, applicator and tampon in the proper receptacle. Some brands offer a wrapper that is resealable so you can quickly and easily wrap everything up and throw it in the trash or the disposal bin in a public restroom.
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Ex-Cell® Sanitary-Napkin Receptacle, Plastic Liner Bags
Item : 513478
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  • Lightweight design, yet stands up to the toughest jobs
  • Includes pegging hole for easy hanging
  • Size: 1"W
64.99 $64.99
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