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Expo Dry Erase Whiteboards

Expo dry erase boards, otherwise known as marker boards or whiteboards are ideal for use in homes, office and classrooms as a place to write down temporary information, create drawings or keep track of notes. Available in a broad range of sizes and mounted in different formats, Expo dry erase whiteboards come in styles suitable for any situation. Staples has a collection of dry erase boards and chalkboards from Expo and other brands to help you stay organized.

Using Expo Dry Erase Boards at the Office, School or Home
Expo dry erase boards are popular because they are easy to write on and wipe clean. At home, a small magnetic board can be placed on the refrigerator for quick family notes. In the office and classroom larger boards can be hung on walls for brainstorming sessions or team activities.

Styles of Expo Dry Erase Boards

Expo dry erase boards are available with a few different surfaces. Melamine, a resin and paper mix typically used over pressboard, is an economical option and an ideal choice for moderate use. High-Pressure Laminate (HPL), a laminated coating over pressboard or particle board, is also an economical choice that offers more resistance against ghosting than melamine. Bulletin boards offer a modern look, are resistant to ghosting and may also have a magnetic coating. Porcelain steel whiteboards have a very hard, scratch-resistant surface that is also magnetic.

Most dry erase boards have a large, plain white surface. However, some models have lines, ideal for helping children learn to write or solve math problems. Dry erase boards are also available in a variety of colors such as black, red, blue and yellow.

Why Use an Expo Dry Erase Whiteboard and Not a Chalkboard?
Expo whiteboards and those from other brands are often preferred over chalkboards for a few reasons. They are typically more cost effective, not only being cheaper to purchase, but also less expensive to use. Whiteboards are also cleaner than chalkboards, leaving no messy chalk residue on the board or the users hands. Because there is no chalk residue, using a whiteboard produces no dust particles which can cause allergies and breathing problems to some users. Finally, a whiteboard can be used alongside a projector, allowing the user to highlight or underline important details and write 'real time' notes. Add a new Expo dry erase board to your office supplies order or to your school supplies list if you're a teacher.

How Often Should You Deep Clean an Expo Dry Erase Board?
It's a good idea to deep clean your dry erase board about once a week. An alcohol-based dry erase cleaner, or acetone will remove any chemical build up caused by repeated use of dry erase markers, help to avoid ghosting and increase the lifespan of the board.

What is Expo Dry Erase Board Ghosting?
The term ghosting refers to stains and marks left behind after a whiteboard has been cleaned. These can make the board look dirty and hard to read. Older boards are more prone to ghosting, but other causes include using poor quality markers, cleaning the board with a dirty eraser or cloth, repeated use and leaving marks on the board for a long time. Staples also carries a variety of easel pads and easels to choose from.
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Expo Double-Sided Learning Board, 8.9 x 11.8 inches (89062)
Item: 643037 / Model : 89062
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  • Front side blank for creative drawing
  • Back side lined for practicing writing, spelling and math
  • Dry erase board for kids can be used on a lap or desktop
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