Extension & Power Cords

Extension and power cords let you extend the reach of your power tools. Manufacturers such as CCI, Woods, and Tri-Source make models that are up to 100 feet long. Whether you are working on a major building site or simply need a bit of extra reach to operate yard equipment in the backyard, extension and power tools let you get electricity where you need it.

Safe to Use
Extension and power cords are insulated to protect them from environmental damage. These cords are also protected from oil, grease, and chemicals by a tough outer coating.

Convenient Access
Power cords let you access areas where there is no electrical outlet, including the roof, yard, or across a worksite. Use a model with a cord reel to easily roll it up for storage once your job is completed.

Versatile Placement
The lightweight, flexible cords can be maneuvered around corners or over scaffolding. Add a power strip to plug multiple cords into the same outlet.