Fair Trade Arabica Coffee

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With a variety of delicious flavor profiles, Fair Trade Certified™ Arabica coffee is the natural choice for any home or business. Grown in ethical conditions that benefit farmers and the environment, Fair Trade Arabica coffee provides fans of the morning beverage with a long-term, reliable source of coffee. Find Fair Trade options from Staples® that work with different coffee makers and taste preferences.

Fair Trade Arabica Coffee Offers a Range of Bold and Sweet Flavors
Arabica coffee refers to a specific type of coffee bean that fits narrow standards. Grown at altitudes of 600 meters or higher, it’s the most common type of coffee bean in the world. The growing locale determines the flavors of Arabica coffee. Mild brews taste slightly sweet, while other Arabica brews offer deep, intense flavors. Brands use Arabica beans to produce light, medium, and dark roast coffee.

Make a Positive Impact With Fair Trade Arabica Coffee
Since Arabica coffee is the most widely available coffee bean in the world, businesses enjoy a wide range of purchasing options. Choosing Fair Trade Certified coffee has many advantages. The Fair Trade program works with small-scale farmers, rather than middlemen. The program guarantees farmers fair minimum prices, which gives them the freedom to focus on the quality of their crops, allowing them to produce higher quality coffee beans.

Compare Single-Serve and Standard Fair Trade Arabica Coffee Options
Whether you have a single-brew machine or a conventional coffee maker, there are Fair Trade coffee options to explore. Some brands produce Arabica coffee in standardized pods for specific coffee makers, while other brands create coffee pods that work with a variety of single-serve coffee machines. This makes it easy to keep the home or office kitchen well stocked with options that fit any brewer. For standard coffee makers, consider bagged Fair Trade Arabica brews. These products let users brew the perfect amount for any group size.

How Does Fair Trade Arabica Coffee Benefit Businesses?
Choosing Fair Trade coffee maintains diversity in Arabica coffee flavors, ensuring that flavor options continue to grow and develop each year. Since farmers can concentrate on the quality of their yields, rather than producing enough to meet middlemen requests, the flavors are superior. Businesses that prioritize ethics in deal-making enjoy the assurance that Fair Trade farmers receive fair prices for their crops.

Is Fair Trade Arabica Coffee Available in Bulk?
There are several options for businesses of all sizes. Some products are available with large offices in mind, offering up to 80 bags of coffee per box. Single-serve pods are available in different amounts, with smaller packages containing 10 coffee pods and larger ones with 80 single-serve coffee pods. Certain brands are part of Staples Auto Restock program, making it easy to keep coffee available at all times.

Where Do Fair Trade Arabica Coffee Beans Grow?
Fair Trade Arabica coffee comes from several parts of the world, including South America, Oceania, Africa, and Asia. Arabica coffee often also comes from Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia, and Ethiopia.