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Cooling specific areas or rooms in an office is simple with the right fans. Whether you need a personal model that increases airflow in stuffy areas or a large option for keeping computers and other equipment at the correct operating temperature, Staples carries many different types and styles that meet the needs of most users.

Understanding Fan Designs
Fan types include pedestal, floor fans, portable, tower fans, wall and window options, ensuring there is a unit that addresses specific cooling needs. Pedestal models have a base with a blade unit situated at the top. These options can be floor models or personal ones depending on the amount of airflow required. Tower options take up less space than other types and provide efficient airflow at multiple levels in the room. Wall units let users mount them to vertical spaces or in corners to direct the flow of air where it is needed. There are also units that are designed for placing in the window to draw in cool air or push stale, warm air out of a room.

Consider the Common Types of Fans
Axial and centrifugal are the two most common fan types, and each circulates air in different ways. Axial models feature blades that spin on an axis, resulting in air being drawn in and forced out in the same direction. These types of products produce a significant amount of airflow at low-pressure. They also require less power to create the airflow than centrifugal models. Centrifugal fans have a wheel made up of blades that emit air in a direction that is around 90-degrees different from the air entering the mechanism. These types require more power than axial models but produce a steady, high-pressure airflow. They work well for moving more air in areas that require drying or increased air movement.

What Size Fan Is the Right Option?
All models circulate air to help cool areas, but portable and pedestal options in the 6-inch to 9-inch range work well for small spaces. Products that measure 12 to 36 inches cool rooms from 50 to 100 square feet effectively. Consider office fans in the 42-inch range for 100-square foot areas. Models that measure 50 to 54 inches are rated for rooms that are 400 square feet or more.

Which Fans Require Less Space for Operation?
Wall-mount models let users attach them wherever airflow is needed, rather than requiring additional floor space. These models have a smaller footprint, which works well in small spaces. Tower products have a long column that fits into corners and other unused areas, maximizing space while providing cooling. Some of these provide enough power to cool entire rooms.

What Are the Benefits of Window Fans?
Window units use the outside air to provide cooling inside of a room. These options are reversible, letting users pull air out of an interior space and force it outside to remove odors and stuffiness. Many of these options have two blade mechanisms, providing cooling on one side and pulling out stale air on the other for increased freshness. Make sure to add a new fan to your next office supplies order.
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