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Fantom Drives G-Force Quad Pro 8 TB External Hard Drive (GFP8000Q3)Fantom Drives G-Force Quad Pro 8 TB External Hard Drive (GFP8000Q3)
Item #IM19Z2978
Model #GFP8000Q3
  • With 8 TB capacity you have ample space for storing millions of images, hundreds of hours of video or for music lovers, up to a million songs
  • Interface provides extremely fast speed and improved connectivity, making this hard drive perfect for audio and video professionals and consumers alike
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Fantom GFP4000EU3 Professional External Hard Drive, 4TB, USB 3.0 (2.0), eSATA, Desktop, Black
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Avoid data loss by backing up your computer to a Fantom external hard drive. This brand makes portable and desktop drives with different storage capacities. Portable drives are slimmer and more lightweight than desktop units. They draw power from the same USB cables that connect them to computers. Desktop drives are bigger and rely on external power sources. They have larger hard disks and higher storage capacities. Staples carries both classes of external hard drives from Fantom and other leading storage device manufacturers.

Choose the Right Fantom External Hard Drive
Get a Fantom portable drive if you need a mobile storage device. You can easily copy files between your home and office computers with this bus-powered drive. While you can move them around, desktop drives are bulkier and meant to be stationary options. Choose one of these to use as a home media center or to backup multimedia files on your work computer. Fantom drives have sturdy aluminum cases. If you want a more rugged portable drive, pick one with a shock-resistant silicone cover. Fantom portable drives are available in three capacities: 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB. For more storage space, choose from its desktop models as they come in capacities up to 5TB.

Consider Connectivity Options When Shopping for External Hard Drives
The type of interface between your external hard drive and computer determines its file transfer speed. Fantom portable drives use a USB 3.0 interface for connectivity while its desktop models also support eSATA and FireWire. USB 3.0 is the fastest of the three options. It delivers a maximum speed of 5Gbps and is 10 times faster than USB 2.0. An eSATA external drive can transfer files at speeds up to 3Gbps. While FireWire is not as fast as the other two options, it does provide one unique advantage: it makes it possible to daisy-chain multiple hard drives for even more external storage capacity. Fantom desktop drives have USB 3.0, eSATA, FireWire 800, and FireWire 400 ports.

Does Hard Disk Speed Affect External Hard Drive Performance?
Yes. Consumer-grade hard disks come in two speeds: 5400 rpm and 7200 rpm. These are the rotational speeds of the spinning motors of the hard disks. The higher the spin speed, the faster the drive can save and retrieve data. Choose a model equipped with 7200-rpm disks if you regularly copy large files or many files at once.

Can You Use a Fantom External Hard Drive With a Mac Computer?
Yes. Fantom hard drives are compatible with both Mac and Windows computers. You can use them on any computer running Mac OS X 10.6 or higher. They also work on machines running Windows XP or later.

What Is the Difference Between FireWire 800 and FireWire 400?
FireWire 800 has twice the file transfer speed of FireWire 400. While FireWire 400 interface has a maximum speed of 400Mbps, FireWire 800 can achieve double that speed. A FireWire 800 port is backward compatible with FireWire 400 interfaces.

Does Hard Drive Cache Size Affect Copying Speed?
Yes. Cache or buffer is a section of embedded memory used for moving data from one section of a hard drive to another. A hard drive with a larger cache size can transfer a bigger chunk of data than one with a smaller cache. This advantage reduces the time required to copy files.