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Faro Roasting Houses Organic Fair Trade Certified Dark Coffee

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Faro Dark Blend Filter Grind Coffee (10oz) Dark Roast Organic And Fair Trade 100% Arabica Coffee With Rich Character (P-30802)
Item : 24116581
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  • 10 oz. bag of Faro Dark Blend Filter Grind coffee, perfect for filter coffee and cafetieres. Keep a pot on the go to fuel your day.
  • Ideal for those who like to hit the snooze button! This is a strong, dark roast coffee blend with a rich taste and powerful kick.
  • Vary the strength of your brew by adding more or less ground coffee per portion depending on your personal preference.
14.99 $14.99
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Faro Classic “Volt” Intense Coffee, Very Dark Fair Trade Certified Organic Ground Coffee Beans, 2 lbs.
Item : 24117454
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  • Arise & Aroma: Deep as a cave, dark as night, this intense coffee will put oomph into your morning and high voltage into your day. A swarthy complexion and noir mystery, the superhero dark knight of bold coffee always saving the day.
  • Blend & Believe: A blend could be bland or a blend could make you believe. Culled from four distinct locations and blended together with surgical precision, producing a cup of blended belief that is unbelievable.
  • Volt & Revolt: This specialty coffee will knock some sense into your head while knocking you off your feet. Experiencing life through the volt filter inspires you to revolt against everything boring and flat, turning the blase into the blaze.
20.99 $20.99
Faro Dark Blend, Dark Colombian, House Blend Organic and Fair Filter Grind Coffee Assortment Gift Pack, 3/Pack
Item : 24117472
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  • Faro Dark Blend Filter Grind Coffee - A strong, dark roast coffee with an amazing rich taste giving you a power-packed kick-start. The perfect filter coffee for home, office or cafeterias. Just keep a pot on the go to energize your day.
  • The Dark Blend coffee is roasted in small batch ovens before being ground, so as to ensure an even and consistent roast profile resulting in great coffee full of aroma and flavor every time you brew!
  • The full body and intense flavor of the coffee beans make them perfect for mornings, after dinner or to share with guests. A strong, dark roast coffee blend with a rich taste and a powerful kick to keep on the move!
20.99 $20.99
Faro Dark Columbian Filter Grind Coffee (10oz) Organic And Fair Trade 100% Arabica Dark Roast Bold Coffee (P-30800)
Item : 24116584
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  • Faro Roasting Houses have traveled the world since 1982 in search of the best coffee producing regions and roasting techniques in order to bring you coffee of the very highest standards.
  • 10 oz. bag of filter grind Dark Colombian coffee from Faro, with a dark roast profile for a bold, strong brew with a full-bodied cocoa texture.
  • Our 100% Arabica coffee is certified Fair Trade and Organic: We care about quality and work to create a sustainable environment and future for coffee producers across the world.
14.99 $14.99