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Faux Leather Kids' Chairs

Decorating a child's room or daycare can be fun and creative when you select the right furniture. Kids' chairs, like faux leather kids' chairs, look almost exactly like what mom and dad sit in when they watch the news or the big game. A roomy kid-sized easy chair fits the proportions of growing bodies so they can sit and enjoy themselves safely and comfortably.

Understanding the Many Kids' Chairs Styles
Small children and toddlers enjoy having a chair of their own that is easier to climb in and out of than the adult furniture. Novelty chairs with their favorite cartoon characters put a smile on everyone's face. Kids' living room arm chairs are supportive with cushions that are short enough for little legs to touch the floor.

Wooden chair and table sets fit into bedrooms and play areas, providing an alternate spot for snack or playtime. Beanbag chairs have washable covers and are extra durable for active children. Molded plastic chairs are pinch-free and easy to keep clean and sanitized. Older children can also engage in the shopping process, helping to pick out furniture.

Where to Use Kids' Chairs
Daycares and preschools all need a variety of small chairs for kids. Using a group of small chairs creates a reading area for older children. Flip-open sofas serve as guest beds for sleepovers or a fast nap area at grandma and grandpa's house. Lightweight rocking or kids folding chairs are easy for little ones to move around their rooms when the mood strikes.

How Do You Shop for Kids Chairs?
Most manufacturers indicate a safe age range for each chair. For small children, look for seat heights no taller than 12 inches. Chairs with 14-inch seats should be safe for children who are at least 7-years-old. Please take note of your child's height at the time that you purchase the chair and as with any of their activities, supervision is always important.

Why Buy Kids' Chairs?
If you know an expectant mother or need a gift for a bridal shower, a kids' chair in a neutral color is a creative and fun surprise. A new chair is also a fun birthday or holiday gift for a child who is learning to walk and is ready for more physical independence. Because kids' chairs are relatively compact, they can also convert a formerly neglected corner of the dining room or kitchen of a small house into a safe seating area for a child so that parents can cook or work in the same room.

What Are Other Uses for Kids' Chairs?
A rocking chair or a cozy kids' easy chair is a comforting and relaxing spot for a child to self-sooth before naptime or bedtime. Plastic, wood, and faux leather kids' chairs are easy to clean and keep kids off the grown up furniture when they're eating and drinking. Kids chairs can also serve as a safe and permanent timeout spot for alternate disciplinary actions. Setting up a chair and a small table in the bedroom encourages kids to spend time reading alone, establishing study habits before they enter school full time.
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Techni Mobili Kid's Gaming and Student Racer Chair, Red (RTA-KS40-RED)
Item : 24167868 / Model : RTA-KS40-RED
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  • Perfect kid's chair for doing homework or gaming
  • Pneumatic height adjustable seat
  • Non-marking nylon casters
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Techni Mobili Kid's Gaming and Student Racer Chair, Blue (RTA-KS40-BL)
Item : 24167892 / Model : RTA-KS40-BL
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  • Perfect kid's chair for doing homework or gaming
  • Pneumatic height adjustable seat
  • Non-marking nylon casters
84.99 $84.99