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Bulk mailing is a major part of many small and large businesses. Envelope moisteners streamline the mailing process and minimize the need for envelope licking. Use finger pads and moisteners to make office tasks easier. Check out Staples® listings to find the right envelope moistener for your mailing and filing needs.

Use Envelope Moisteners to Keep Fingers Comfortable While Sorting Papers
Many tacky finger products keep fingers moisturized. This feature is beneficial for office workers who spend much of their time sorting papers, filing, and preparing documents for mailing. Products come in a variety of shapes for easy use. Some products come as round, flat discs. This design lets you swipe your fingers across the top when they start getting dry. Others have a ball in the center. This feature allows users to roll a finger across the top, and can also be utilized for stamps and envelopes.

Envelope Moisteners With Applicators Save Time
Quite a few models are designed specifically to work with envelopes. This reduces the risk of paper cuts on the tongue and offers a more sanitary alternative to licking envelopes. Some of these products come in a foam applicator form. Simply run the foam tip along the envelope to prepare it for mailing. These products are convenient for on-the-go use. A moistening pen is an even more space-efficient option. The pen tip releases moistener and seals tight for extended use. Some models have polyurethane sponges for consistent moistening.

Protect Fingers From Paper Cuts With Envelope Moisteners
Those who prefer to avoid repeatedly moistening their fingers throughout the day benefit from rubber finger grips. These products serve the same purpose as tacky finger items, but they don’t require multiple applications. The rubber grip slips over the finger tip. The textured surface of each grip clings to papers, making it easier to file, collate, and sort. Many finger pads are ventilated to keep fingers from sweating. Finger pads are available in a variety of sizes to fit every finger comfortably.

What Active Ingredients Do Envelope Moisteners Use?
Many finger pads and moisteners just use water. This activates the adhesive in envelopes and keeps fingers tacky. Products that go directly onto envelopes often have water-soluble adhesives. Certain finger pads have antibacterial moisteners. This minimizes the spread of germs, which is important when multiple people use the same finger pad. Moisteners with antibacterial and adhesive solutions are odorless and nontoxic. They also do not stain fingers.

Are Envelope Moisteners Refillable?
Some moisteners are refillable. This maximizes value for offices that go through lots of finger pads. Most products that use adhesive or antibacterial solution are not refillable. The transparent design of the refillable moisteners makes it easy to know when a refill is necessary.

How Many Envelopes Can Envelope Moisteners Seal?
Some finger pads and moisteners moisten over 1,500 envelopes before they run out. Small pen-style moisteners seal more than 300 envelopes. The packaging of each finger pad aims to minimize evaporation and extend the life of the moistener. Some moisteners twist closed to lock moisture in.
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